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Thursday's Evening News carried 10 questions fans hoped would be asked at the AGM. Several of the issues were covered during the evening and the answers are listed below.

Thursday's Evening News carried 10 questions fans hoped would be asked at the AGM. Several of the issues were covered during the evening and the answers are listed below.

The club has agreed to answer for those questions that weren't dealt with next week. Supporters have been offered, through the Evening News, the chance to ask any other questions.

t What has happened to our youth policy?

Manager Peter Grant: “I know it is a massive part of Norwich City's past that we used to produce these wonderful players and we need to go back to that. But nowadays it is not just a matter of getting a good player. We see players that we can get but aren't allowed to (Due to new restrictions of youth team players clubs can bring in).”

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t Why wasn't Nigel sacked sooner? Why did we sign just one player in the summer?

Director Delia Smith: “We made a decision as a board that after relegation we would give it a chance and give it so long. When we were five games in and second no-one would have wanted us to sack Nigel then.”

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Chairman Roger Munby: “We need to look forward and learn lessons from the past and that is what we intend to do.”

t Where has the passion gone from Norwich City players?

Peter Grant: “Norwich is such a nice place to live and bring up family and one of the reasons I left here was I didn't want to go into a comfort zone. People can go into a comfort zone and I am trying to bring to the club drive, determination and passion.

“If the players don't give me it they will move on. It may take us a bit of time to get the quality we need, but I will do it.”

t Why has so little money apparently been made available for new players? Will the board free up money for the manager to spend in the transfer window?

Chief executive Neil Doncaster: “The board is able to make money available to the manager and we will continue to do absolutely everything we can to support him. I don't think it is necessarily helpful to spell out anything other than that. Being too transparent can play into the hands of our competitors.”

t Is there a long-term strategy in place as regards the club's ambition to return to the Premiership?

Roger Munby: “In the long run, football success follows team investment - transfers and wages. We have to organise ourselves to compete at the top of the championship with costs that do not risk our long term security. It means that we must be better, more clever, more competitive and, with the experience of 2005/06, more single mindedly focused on the central issue - entertaining and winning at football. Beneath the surface there is considerable ongoing achievement and many good reasons for confidence in the future.”

Questions still to be answered:

t Peter Grant has hinted that a major reshuffle is needed. Can this be done when we have 13 players out of contract in the summer, none of whom will raise significant transfer fees?

t Why is it so difficult to get players to come here or clubs, such as Arsenal, to agree to loan deals?

t Why should the board expect fans to sign up for season tickets next season?

Do you have a question for the club? Write, with your name and address, to David Powles, Evening News, Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich NR1 1RE or e-mail david.powles@archant.co.uk

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