Petty stewards abused power

YOU would think after travelling so far to Plymouth we might get a warm welcome from their officials - no such luck.

YOU would think after travelling so far to Plymouth we might get a warm welcome from their officials - no such luck.

Last weekend's trip to Home Park was the scene of some of the most comically over-the-top stewarding The Man has ever witnessed.

They seemed to think they were marshalling a Celtic v Rangers game at the height of the Troubles.

Bedecked in their luminous yellow attire, they patrolled our 1,000 plus away support looking for victims.

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The term “jobsworth” is not strong enough to describe the venom with which they set about trying to ruin supporters' afternoons.

One such unlucky fan to feel the force of their wrath was Y'Army fanzine contributor, and EDP punter's panel member, Jon Day.

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After a long stand-off, in which he was lambasted for not putting his cigarette out quickly enough, Mr Day was dragged from his seat and ejected from the ground.

The Man has never seen anything like it, an incredible abuse of petty power.

At half-time, The Man was trying to enjoy a pint when another steward barked at him to stand somewhere else. Apparently, inhabiting this particular enclave created a health and safety hazard.

This is the first match I've ever been to where the police were actually looking to take statements from the fans over the actions of the stewards.

The comedy ending to the afternoon was provided when about 150 of these luminous despots swarmed around the club's official coach party in the car park.

Presumably they were bracing themselves for an onslaught from the Club Cabbage Crew.

Utterly pathetic. No wonder that club has been stuck in the dark ages for so many years.

On another Plymouth related subject, a mystery player emerged for City at Home Park wearing a No 7 shirt.

Closer inspection revealed the culprit was Gentle Jason Jarrett.

It was by far and away the best performance he has put in for Norwich.

If that was because he's been given a run in the team, then good, keep it up.

If it's because he was trying to impress Tony Pulis, then it's disgusting. You decide…



A FEW weeks ago The Man questioned Andy Hughes' quality.

I wrote that our five-game winning run had coincided with his absence, and that maybe it was not a coincidence.

By all accounts the madcap midfielder was furious at The Man's suggestion.

While I'll stand by the sentiment of my accusation, it was a touch harsh on the player.

Last week at Plymouth he came on and played in his Zorro mask.

While he still managed to spoon a couple of crosses into the stand, The Man has a lot of admiration for the fact he had the balls to play at all.

As we can all remember, a certain Wigan reserve player was unable to do the same thing for us when we needed him last year.

“It's not comfortable,” minced Francis.

So well done AH. If the whole team cared as much as you we'd be right up there. Fact.

Now just work on your passing…

While on the subject of players showing some character.

A nice little anecdote has been relayed to The Man about Mr Huckerby's activities prior to the West Ham game.

Apparently a Cockney oik, no doubt on day release from Thetford, was verbally abusing Norwich fans while they stood outside the Jarrold Stand.

The eel-eating yob was soon put his place, however, when Hux bowled up and told him in no uncertain terms to mind his language.

At which point the swearing fiend scuttled off, tail firmly between legs. Top man Hux.

A few people that sit next to me are prone to giving DH some stick.

As far as I'm concerned, I don't care how much he is paid. Without him we'd never have had that glorious season.

And he is still worth every penny. OTBC.



CURIOUSER and curiouser.

This week nutty Nigel swooped to sign Carl Robinson on a permanent deal.

For £50,000 it is an excellent bit of business, bucking the trend of Worthy's recent forays into the transfer market.

However, it was the funding for this deal that left The Man rather befuddled.

A few board members had to scratch around to loan the cash to the club.

Have I missed something here?

Following relegation we were told that Nigel would be given money to spend.

Yet half way into the season - and having made a profit on player comings and goings - we are having to eek extra cash out of Delia.

When you consider we've got more than 20,000 season-tickets holders, and the parachute payments, it does cause concern.

It's not as if we splashed the cash last year, quite the opposite in fact.

I guess paying out half a million in agents' fees does not help the situation.

The Man is not about to embark on a Chase-esque “Where's the money gone?” chant, but he's not far off it.



SHOCK revelations from the News of the World last Sunday.

After a sting using the fake sheikh the paper announced that Sven thought:

t He would accept a multi-million pound club job after the World Cup;

t Wayne Rooney came from a rough background;

t Owen went to Newcastle (never won anything) for the money;

t He could sign his mate Beckham in the future;

t Rio Ferdinand was lazy;

How all that equated to a front page story I will never know.

The Man knows a lot of people don't like Sven, but for my money he's done a decent job.

Trying to stir up a load of s**t on him just months ahead of the World Cup is not helpful.

It will be interesting to see how the NotW handles him if we win the thing, especially now he's suing them.

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