PODCAST: Patience required as City make crucial head coach decision

Dean Smith, Frank Lampard and Kjetil Knutsen

The men being linked with Norwich City's head coach vacancy, from left, Dean Smith, Frank Lampard and Kjetil Knutsen - Credit: PA Wire

Who will be the new head coach at Norwich City? As the wait for the answer to the big question continues, our Canaries correspondents brought you all the latest updates during the new episode of the Pink Un Podcast.

Former Chelsea and Derby manager Frank Lampard, Bodo Glimt boss Kjetil Knutsen and Dean Smith, following his Aston Villa departure on Sunday, continue to lead the bookmakers' odds.

Paddy Davitt, David Freezer and Connor Southwell discussed those candidates and the process of finding Daniel Farke's replacement at length, with the Canaries believed to be hoping to appoint a new head coach before the end of this week.

They also reflect on over four years of Farke being in charge at City and their regular dealings with the German as he led the club to two Championship title triumphs.

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Paddy Davitt: “We’re in that kind of holding pattern now really, the calm before the storm, if you want to use that phrase. 

“The candidates - or at least the ones who people think are the candidates - are out there and now it just seems to be an endless stream of ‘I’d rather go for this candidate over that candidate’ and on and on, from pundits to supporters, to odds compilers, who are probably the only ones who are happy because the longer it goes then the richer they get. 

“Ultimately, as we sit here just before Wednesday lunchtime, we’ll probably know by the weekend, I think. 

"That seems to be, speaking to the people at Norwich, what they’re working towards and to be fair that was where they were on Monday and Tuesday. 

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“That hasn’t changed so unless the inevitable events overtake us then I think certainly by the start of next week, everybody will know who Daniel Farke’s replacement is and then the focus will shift to Southampton and Carrow Road and what an occasion that could be.” 

David Freezer: “Then it’s that feeling of a fresh start, isn’t it. Like you say, the calm before the storm, but we didn’t expect that calm to last too long because of the way this unfolded. 

“I think everyone’s immediate assumption was that Stuart (Webber) and the board would have somebody in mind and that they would be moving fairly quickly. 

“But the way things are going so far, that hasn’t happened and officials at the club are very much keeping their cards close to their chest and trying to keep the circle very tight on this.” 

Connor Southwell: “I guess you could argue that is probably in their interests, given what we saw at Tottenham in the summer when we must have been into double figures for names that were linked with that vacancy!

“In the end, it was the one who was '12th choice' or whatever (Nuno Espirito Santo), and 10 games later they’ve sacked him and got the one who was maybe the first choice (Antonio Conte). 

“This is football, it’s a weird game, and it’s unfolded in a weird way. Certainly, for us, it’s going to be difficult to go back to Brentford and not think of Saturday, irrespective of the game or the situation in the future. 

“So it is really interesting, the automatic assumption that they must have someone lined up, and for sure they will have done their due diligence. 

“If there are a few candidates that they’re speaking to then that naturally takes a bit of time and the international break does afford them that. 

“It’s difficult because everyone wants that decision to come quickly but equally you kind of hope that they take the time to get it right. 

“This week does give them a little bit of time to take stock, to reach out to people and there could be an A list, a B list, a C list and they’re working out whether certain candidates are actually interested in the job. 

“If not they’ll move on pretty swiftly. So there will be a lot of processes going on and if it is going to be by this weekend then it is going to be absolutely fascinating to see which direction they go in. 

“Because at the moment, I would argue that the two that are favourites in terms of the bookmakers’ odds (Lampard and Knutsen) are certainly different in terms of profile and maybe pedigree as well. 

“But this is an appointment that Stuart Webber and Norwich City absolutely have to get right.”

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