Respect in football

Respect in football is something to celebrate. I therefore praise the Barnsley fans who all stood and joined Canary fans in applauding when the commentary box was named in memory of Roy Waller.

His match reports for two decades on Radio Norfolk have entertained and brought much excitement and atmosphere to those fans unable to attend matches home and away. The Barnsley fans would not have known Roy but recognise his importance to Canary fans and showed respect.


Recently it was reported that Nottingham Forest fans, without consideration for their own safety, came to aid of a young Canary supporter who was being attacked after the match at their ground. It was good to see recognition and appreciation of their actions on the Canary message boards.


There are public houses both in Norwich and near away grounds where fans can mix with opposition supporters and friendly non aggressive banter can take place. This respects the right of others to follow their team which maybe for a lifetime.


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It is healthy acknowledgement of the past efforts of players who return to their previous clubs when they receive a polite applause or clap from their old fans before a game begins. Jason Shackell certainly deserved his welcome at the recent Barnsley game.


Respecting your opponent is an important aspect of a football managers work. This past week has seen some Premier clubs in the Carling Cup paying the price for underestimating teams from lower divisions and selecting teams which did not even include the backbone of their first team squad.


The Football Authorities programme to ensure respect in all aspects of the game is to be applauded. However it does need some tweaking as the desire to support referees whose work is not the easiest or most popular of jobs ,appears to deny them the opportunity after a game to admit when they have made mistakes. The need for honesty in football gains the respect of fans and is in the best interest of the game.


At the Norwich City level the NCISA AGM on Thursday, demonstrated the strength of our club. Members and David McNally, Chief Executive at Norwich City, were able to exchange some differing opinions with a willingness to listen carefully to each other and move their position if a case was argued well.


Respect is a strength which we must always encourage.