Roeder's record compared to other bosses

Sarah Hall How does Glenn Roeder's record as Canaries boss compare to other Norwich City managers?

Sarah Hall

Roeder's record - compared to other notable Norwich City bosses

Norman Low (May 1950 - April 1955) P258 W129 D56 L73 Win ratio 50pc

Ron Ashman (December 1962 - May 1966) P162 W59 D39 L64 Win ratio 36.4pc

Ron Saunders (July 1969 - November 1973) P 221 W84 D61 L76 Win ratio 38pc

John Bond (November 1973 - October 1980) P340 W105 D114 L121 Win ratio 34.5pc

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Ken Brown (November 1980 - November 1987) P367 W150 D93 L124 Win ratio 40.9pc

Dave Stringer (November 1987 - May 1992) P229 W89 D58 L82 Win ratio 38.9pc

Mike Walker (June 1992 - January 1994, June 1996 - April 1998) P179 W69 D46 L64 Win ratio 38.5pc

Martin O'Neill (August 1995 - December 1995) P26 W12 D9 L5 Win ratio 46.2pc

Bruce Rioch (June 1998 - March 2000) P93 W30 D31 L32 Win ratio 32.3pc

Bryan Hamilton (April 2000 - December 2000) P35 W10 D10 L15 Win ratio 28.6pc

Nigel Worthington (December 2000 - October 2006) P280 W114 D104 L62 Win ratio 40.7pc

Glenn Roeder (October 2007 - January 2009) P60 W20 D14 L26 Win ratio 33.3pc

Roeder's record elsewhere:

Gillingham (August 1992 - July 1993) P51 W13 D22 L16 Win ratio 25.49pc

Watford (August 1993 - February 1996) P139 W44 D55 L40 Win ratio 31.65pc

West Ham United (May 2001 - August 2003) P86 W27 D36 L23 Win ratio 31.39pc

Newcastle United (February 2006 - May 2007) P72 W33 D24 L15 Win ratio 45.83pc