Rolling subs scheme gets backing from AFC Wanderers boss

Jason Bush, manager of current Evening News Copy IT Norwich Sunday League Premier Division leaders AFC Wanderers, has given the rolling substitutes scheme his backing.

“It’s been good for us. We had four subs the other week and it meant we could keep everyone happy. I voted in favour at the annual meeting and we have had no problems with it.”

Dieter Hume, manager of unbeaten Division 4B newcomers Freemasons admitted the new system had won him over. “When I was at the AGM I really didn’t agree with it but to be honest I have got a big squad and it gives us a chance to bring some fresh legs on. I love it.

“It’s been a revelation for me because I can get people on and and off and it keeps a happy balance within the side.”

David Powles, secretary of Division 3A strugglers Newsman Celtic, had mixed feelings. “To be honest it’s not changed things that much for us because we’ve struggled a bit for players this season. Personally, when we have used it, I have felt it has hampered us because you lose a flow by bringing players on and off continually. That said it is a good way to ensure the whole squad gets a game – and at our standard that’s the main thing to try and ensure.”

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