Roy Keane’s home truths for Ipswich Town fans

Seems Mad Roy’s finally sussed what managing down the road is all about: A load of “moaning and groaning”, “set in their ways” types who “don’t know too much about the game”.

Too good to miss. And he kept going: “I have no problems with people’s opinions, but a lot of people do not have a clue what they are talking about in terms of football.

“I’ve got six months left on my contract, so if I don’t get it right, I’ll be gone anyway.”

Most of the fans down there want him gone, so it’d be a shame if he did. He’s doing so . . . well.

• Interesting what Steve Claridge had to say on the BBC’s ridiculously late highlights show: “Norwich wouldn’t want to be 10 points behind QPR at this stage of the season,” he spouted – as if we could genuinely challenge them for a title or something.

The Man may still be in denial, but it’s a bit of a surprise to see a national pundit bite so soon over our prospects.

It does seem that any old fodder could go up this season. It wouldn’t take much to beat most sides and this year’s Chumpionship vintage is poor. So maybe this is as good a chance we’ll get, and our only one with Lambo in charge. Best we avoid another performance like Tuesday then.

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• Couldn’t believe Lambo being questioned over whether Wes would take the next spot-kick. What’s that about? He scored two in two games before Saturday.

Most of us lot were hyperventilating over getting so many penalties in such a short space of time. The amount of muttering to himself Wes did after his miss was brilliant. He’ll score the next one, no problem.

• One more thing on the League Show: Tony Gubba. While it’s great to have someone with World War Two experience commentating on football, it’s probably time he hung up his mic.

You wouldn’t expect a player to carry on when he’s clearly lost what he had. Unless he’s Edgar Davids.

• Boy oh boy is our squad getting stretched. You realise we’ve got a fair few players, but you wonder about the quality. Gill and Tudur Jones being away is irrelevant. Hughes and Surman being crocked is a different matter.

Lambo’s going to have to play it clever over the coming weeks – we’re still a long way from being as good as some people think.

• Two words on Palace: Oh dear. I suppose we had it coming after our hard-fought friendly win down there before last season?!

We may as well have been playing an I****** B-team on Tuesday. Another thing to stick in the throat.

If we end up losing to Boro’ with Tony Mowbray watching, let the panic over November 28 begin.