Rudd-y good goal for Mousehold

LODDON 3, MOUSEHOLD 1: It was just 14 minutes in that Loddon got themselves on the scoresheet when a Loddon player shot right across goal and in at the far post, the Mousehold keeper just not able to get across fast enough.

Thirteen minutes later a Loddon goal was disallowed, when the Mousehold keeper caught the ball but was run down by two Loddon players, knocking him to the ground and knocking the ball out of his hands and into the goal.

Although the goal was not given, the incident left Mousehold keeper Ben Moore limping for the remainder of the game, and with no substitutes, manager Ryan Slatford was unable to replace him.

Thirty-eight minutes in, after a succession of corners and throw-ins, Loddon had a seemingly soft-shot on goal, but the sheer number of defenders grouped in front of the keeper blocked his view and he dived just too late and the ball rolled under him and in for 2-0.

Four minutes later a Loddon player, on the edge of the area with a single touch with the point of his toe, knocked the ball up and over the keeper; sheer luck and completely unstoppable.

Finally, in injury time at the end of the first half Mousehold pulled one back, with the most impossible goal you are ever likely to see;

Craig Rudd, on the centre spot, had fielded a goal-kick from the Loddon keeper, and booted it back down the pitch, high and curling down towards the goal – the Loddon keeper got his hand to it, but he only succeeded in forcing it upwards, looping over his head and into the back of the net.

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Craig celebrated this achievement by turning forward-rolls on the centre spot.

After this eventful first half, hopes were high of a comeback in the second, but despite Mousehold’s and Loddon’s best efforts no more goals were forthcoming.

Another Loddon goal was disallowed in the second half for hand-ball, and the game finished 3-1 to Loddon. Man of the match: Ben Jacob.

• UEA A 7, Mousehold Reserves 0

After a month of postponements Mousehold Reserves got to play a game, but with players injured and other commitments they were in for a tough time against the top-of-the-league side with just 11 players.

Mousehold started with the wind against them and had the first chance of the game when James “Billy” Bowden flicked the ball over the UEA defence for Damon Claxton to shoot; however he shot straight at the keeper.

Mousehold kept the scores level until 20 minutes in when UEA pressure told and they scored the first of five first-half goals, including a very spectacular own goal by the Mousehold captain Jason Brooks who volleyed it past his keeper.

With last-ditch defending by Nigel Barker and Barry Woods, and several saves by the keeper, the score was kept down to 5.

At half time the manager praised his players efforts, and told them “Don’t give up – the game’s lost, but don’t collapse”.

With this in mind the Mousehold players started the second half with more possession and created more chances than in the first.

UEA kept attacking and only scored their sixth with 15 minutes left. Just after this Mousehold Midfielder Chris Vines had a shot that hit the crossbar.

With no games since December 11, the fitness level of Mousehold started to fade, and UEA stepped up a gear; it was again last ditch-defending and saves that kept the UEA tally from rising any further.

Barry Woods headed a goal-bound effort off the line, and in the last five minutes UEA were awarded a penalty that the Mousehold keeper saved by diving to his right.

In the dying seconds UEA got their seventh and final goal.

Despite the scoreline manager Andy Brown said he could not have asked for more of his players.

Man of the Match: Chris Vines.