Russell - There could be jubilation for failure

Darel Russell is hoping City fans will be able to enjoy a carnival at Charlton tomorrow - but admits that celebrating a near-miss doesn't sit comfortably.

Darel Russell is hoping City fans will be able to enjoy a carnival at Charlton tomorrow - but admits that celebrating a near-miss doesn't sit comfortably.

More than 3,000 fans are expected to be at The Valley - and by 3pm they will either be exultant or despondent.

“As crazy as it is that's exactly right,” he said. “It's amazing that there could be jubilation for failure.

“That's just football - you need something to strive for and everyone has their level. People are jumping up and down about getting into the play-offs or someone is jumping up and down about winning a Sunday League cup final.

“It just depends on what level it is and what you are striving for and the aim for us, which would be fantastic, is to stay in the Championship and if we manage to do that it will be a great party and a great enjoyment and it will feel like success for a brief moment.

“But if we take it all into stock it's been disappointing this year and we shouldn't even be in a position where we're going into the last game of the season needing three points - on top of needing someone else to lose.

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“It should never have been that situation, it should never have really happened. It's disappointing from that front.”

City's travelling army hits the road for the last time this season, and despite his reservations, Russell hopes they get their rewards.

“Any last game of the season if you're playing away usually you bring a good crowd and Norwich have always brought good crowds anyway,” he said. “I'm expecting a carnival atmosphere. I think the fans are going to be in great spirits no matter what happens on the day and I'm sure they will be relaying what's happening at Plymouth by their cheers and groans.

“If there's a Plymouth goal I'm quite sure there'll be a carnival going on for four or five minutes - I fully expect them to support us as much as possible and make it a great day out and hopefully we can make it a great day out for them as well.”

Clearly it's going to be a nervous afternoon - on and off the pitch.

“I'm anxious,” admitted Russell. “Obviously it's an extremely big game and it's one of those you just want to get started. You don't really want to be hanging around the rest of the week to get it going because obviously that tension probably builds up as time goes on, so we would like to get it here as soon as possible

“It's one last roll of the dice and it's a situation which is out of our hands to a certain extent. We can go and make sure we try and get this result, but winning a game of football is not easy, no matter how much you need it and want to. We have just got to try and play in the right way and fingers crossed we get the rub of the green.”

Should it all go pear-shaped, there are problems ahead.

“I think you replay every scenario in your mind, you have to, but first and foremost for me is Sunday and to make sure we get a result and try and keep this club in the Championship.

“I think it's massive, massive club and I think things would be difficult next season, especially with the current financial climate, and trying to get money into football clubs.

“I think the most important thing for this club is to try and keep themselves in the Championship and that is where my thoughts are.”