So long and thanks for the memory, Leon

I DO not really know where to start... The Man was filled with an election-night fever on Thursday evening. I was trawling all available news sources for updates: I sensed in my bones something was going to happen.

I DO not really know where to start...

The Man was filled with an election-night fever on Thursday evening.

I was trawling all available news sources for updates: I sensed in my bones something was going to happen.

But, as we all now know, it didn't.

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In fact, our paltry squad is now one man weaker, and we face four months of torment as every time Hux, Earnie or Crofty gets a kick - or a yellow card - hearts will be in mouths.

The Man will deal with each issue in turn.

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First up, Leon McKenzie.

The Man has largely kept his trap shut about this guy in recent seasons as I understood he was popular, and it appeared - despite poor performances - at least he cared.

But let's have it right: the guy is a grade A plonker.

He scored against the s**m; it is all he's ever done. Fact.

The club stood by him last season and this is how he repays us?

For reasons unbeknown to The Man - I was booing - Leon got a standing ovation when he came on against Barnsley.

Despite demanding to leave, our fans still found it within themselves to clap this guy and yet just days later he was saying he “could never play for Norwich again”. Charming.

I know there was some stuff going on off the pitch with Leon but the manner of his exit leaves a very sour taste.

When a player leaves us, despite the fact I rarely like it, The Man normally wishes them well. Not Leon.

I hope our supporters at Coventry next week leave Leon in no doubt as to the esteem in which he's now held by City fans; something about a w*****'s hat springs to mind.

The Man would have made it a condition of his contract that he HAD to play against us, not the other way around.

He's still no nearer China White either . . .

Next issue: David Cotterill.

You can't expect honour in football these days - but this guy really took us for a ride.

According to Neil Doomcaster's deadline day diary it was not until 9pm that we found out the deal was dead.

We can argue all day about whose fault that was, but the bottom line is Mr Cotterill left us in the lurch.

No doubt it was money that talked loudest over this move, but when Cotterill is playing in front of 300 people for Wigan reserves for the next 12 months maybe he'll regret choosing that tin pot club, with their The Hills Have Eyes manager. OK, that's harsh, but I'm bitter.

Finally, how on earth have we allowed ourselves to get in this position?

This season represents our last clear opportunity to get out of this division, and yet we are now left to pray for a miraculous four months in which none of our attacking players get injured.

Despite being let down by Cotterill -- and by Leon - it should not have been allowed to come to this. Why are we gambling on a £2million deal for a division three teenager to go through on deadline day? That sort of brinksmanship is not acceptable for a supposedly well-run club.

We had money to spend before Leon was sold, so why were we messing about trying to do a double deal on deadline day? Did we even look at Freddie Eastwood, £2million would bag him, surely?

The irony is that Worthy's failings on this score might well be his undoing. Because, no matter how well we are playing, injuries will weaken the team. And come January, will the board be quite so happy to let NW spend £2million on a teenager for his mid-table side? I doubt it.

Late on Thursday evening The Man was angry and, to a certain degree, I still am.

Shafted by Wigan, let down by Leon, and with a club management seemingly out of options, yet again we are having to “make do”, when really, we deserve better.

But let's not let this trauma take our eyes off the ball.

Four months is not an eternity, and we do have a settled team.

This set back is an opportunity for Jarvis and McVeigh to step into the void when needed - and finally deliver.

Let's back the team and, come May, who knows we could be putting a delightful two fingers up at: Leon, Cotterill, Wigan and the rest. OTBC.

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