Spud Thornhill: Mario Vrancic is poetry in motion

Back of the net... Mario Vrancic's free-kick winner against Wycombe was a thing of beauty Picture: P

Back of the net... Mario Vrancic's free-kick winner against Wycombe was a thing of beauty Picture: PA - Credit: PA

Being your typical football fan, I wouldn’t say I’m into poetry.

Xavi Quintilla, left, and Emi Buendia congratulate Mario Vrancic after his Wycombe winner Picture: P

Xavi Quintilla, left, and Emi Buendia congratulate Mario Vrancic after his Wycombe winner Picture: PA - Credit: PA

If I think of poets, I’m more than likely to think of Eric Cantona talking about seagulls following the trawler than William Shakespeare asking about Romeo. If only the wise Bard could see the future – he probably would’ve asked “wherefore art thou, Mario?”

If you’d asked me a few days ago about German poets I would definitely be struggling. But following Daniel Farke’s press conference on Monday, I would have to put him at the top as he gave us a great, entertaining analogy about his young players going on a date with Julie at the cinema. I think it would have put a smile on many people’s faces as he tried explaining the expectations amongst some supporters.

Speaking about how some fans feel we should be winning every game in the Championship. It’s very hard at times, as we all know we are biased towards our team. We are no different from Manchester City fans to Mansfield Town fans.

Last season I’m sure we didn’t like some of the fans of the clubs we faced and their attitude towards us, seeing some of them showing far too much arrogance. Now it seems roles are reversed. We may not be going in pubs close to the ground, but plenty are on social media talking about how we should be destroying some of these teams in the Championship.

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I possibly fall in the too positive gang, but that’s probably more of a case of believing in everything yellow and green. One thing is for sure, I’m always cautious before games, but that’s more down to superstition. There’s definitely a difference between arrogance and positivity.

I’m sure I’m like many supporters who had that panic knowing that Wycombe had played five, lost five. We don’t have a fans group called Along Come Norwich for nothing. Like many, I was so relieved once Mario Vrancic had done his magic and gave a massive sigh of relief.

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Oddly enough the Along Come Norwich thought came into my head before the Brentford game. It was bad enough not being able to be there to tick the new ground off without my head playing mind games with me.

I started wondering if they were yet to lose in their new stadium. If they were yet to lose, I would’ve been more confident of a win. I know us football fans work in mysterious ways.

Unfortunately, Preston achieved the accolade of being the first away side to win at Brentford’s new ground, so that one went out of the window’.

I must admit I was concerned after hearing about another injury just before kick-off, with Xavi Quintilla, not just because it was another injury but who was going to replace him. I must admit I was slightly concerned when I heard it was Jacob Sorensen as I know left-back is not his usual position.

I have heard a lot of good things about him but playing left back was not among them. However, the performance he put in was absolutely first class. Sorensen looked like he had been playing in that position many times and the match stats for the game on Tuesday backed that up.

We have unearthed some absolute gems over the last few years and I think we may have just unearthed another one in Sorensen.

Even with a name like that, I am sure there is someone out there who has already sorted a song for fans to sing about him. If he can produce more eye-catching performances like he did at Brentford, Farke may talk about him with another piece of his poetry.

I probably prefer my eloquent poets to be on the pitch, like in the past with Darren Eadie gliding past another full-back. Maybe on Saturday, we could get another “Mario, Mario! Wherefore art thou, Mario?”

Hopefully, Mario will have another moment like last Saturday and will have a free-kick on the edge of the penalty box and help us get back to winning ways at lunchtime with a win at Ashton Gate.

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