Spud Thornhill: We're Norwich City and we'll do it our way

Norwich City's Joint Majority Shareholder Delia Smith and Norwich Head Coach Daniel Farke after the

Norwich City's Joint Majority Shareholder Delia Smith and Norwich Head Coach Daniel Farke after the Sky Bet Championship match at Carrow Road, Norwich Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd +44 7904 640267 01/05/2021 - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Over the years, especially in my adult life, I would like to think I’m not the jealous kind of guy.  

At times we all want more money and things to show for life. For me, I’m happy with life and feel very lucky with what I’ve got and what’s going on in my life. 

There’s a lot of people luckier than me, but there’s a lot more worse off than me. 

And that’s I how feel about football. 

Last week I was watching the Newcastle fans, especially the younger fan base celebrating as their previous owner Mike Ashley was going and new owners from Saudi were arriving. Despite knowing how the country is run, it makes you question what we have allowed our game to come to. 

And it makes me lose a little bit of love for the game. 

It reminded me of back in the mid nineties when I was one of the Norwich fans who wanted Robert Chase out. I remember people asking who do I want to take over? I would reply, anyone! I don’t care, I just wanted Chase out. 

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I even remember us being linked with a man called Giovanni Di Stefano. 

Not sure if anyone has heard of him but he is a convicted fraudster who had worked alongside some of the most evil people in this world. 

I am ashamed to admit, I was young and remember saying I don’t care who comes in. I just wanted Chase out. And yes, I did say I would be happy if Di Stefano came in. I just didn’t see the bigger picture. All I cared for was Norwich City. 

Fortunately, he never got even close to buying the club. Luckily I would like to think I’ve matured and now I would never suggest having anyone like him near our club. 

For all the problems and good Chase did, he rightly sold the club to Geoffrey Watling, who a year later sold on to Delia Smith and Michael Wynn Jones, which will be 25 years ago next month. 

Not sure if Delia and Michael knew what they were up against when they bought us all those years ago, but I doubt they would’ve thought the club who are one place above us would have owners worth £320 billion. 

I’m sure there’ll be many people from the Canary camp looking at Chelsea today with envy especially with Romelu Lukaku in their roster although it looks like thankfully, he’s not available this weekend for the Blues. However, remember we are talking about a striker they spent over £100m on when they let him go for £31m as a youngster. 

We just can’t compete with that and I wouldn’t want us to. It just doesn’t sit right with me. We have to do things our way. If it means having to sign freebies like Teemu or upcoming players, I don’t mind. 

But wouldn’t it be lovely if we could just sneak a horrible 1-0 win and from our freebie, Pukki. I might just love the game again 

Sadly earlier this week we heard the news of young goalkeeper Dan Barden being diagnosed with testicular cancer. It’s so sad to hear this news. But hopefully hearing it was discovered early, it can be treated successfully. It sounds like he’s getting the best treatment and support from Norwich City and his loan club Livingston. 

Sadly us Norwich fans didn’t get a chance to show our support for Dan and see what a talented young keeper we have during his few appearances he made for us last season. But when we do, I’m sure we definitely will. 

It’s always something like this that brings out the best in so many. It was so nice to see so many clubs and fans sending their best wishes and support to Dan from Arsenal to Walsall via Ipswich plus many more. 

While we have our rivalries for the beautiful game, this is another example of football uniting us together. With all the support and the great strong man Big Bad Barden is, he is going to win this match.