Spud Thornhill: Why we don't need Robbie Savage back at Carrow Road

EDITORIAL USE ONLY A behind the scenes photo of Robbie Savage as he re-creates the infamous bath sce

In hot water - Robbie Savage hasn't endeared himself to Norwich City supporters - Credit: PA

Ten years ago next month, it will be the anniversary of one of my favourite goal celebrations - when Simeon Jackson completed his famous hat-trick against Derby County at Carrow Road.

The place went bananas. Like many others, I was definitely going bananas in the Snakepit, with Jackson inches from me as he dived into the crowd after his 95th-minute winner put us one step away from promotion. 

Just a few minutes earlier, a certain Robbie Savage was subbed off for Derby. I remember it distinctly - he took an eternity to get off the pitch.

Robbie Savage at work during Euro 2016. Picture: PA

SomethIng we are unlikely to see at Carrow Road - Robbie Savage at work - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

I’m sure Savage was absolutely gutted whilst he sat in the away dugout, especially when the ground erupted in joy - and maybe he could even hear the BBC Radio Norfolk commentary with Chris Goreham and Neil Adams, just a few feet away in their old vantage point above the tunnel, screaming as the ball went in.  

Maybe, just maybe, this is the reason why he is so bitter towards us.  

Two weeks ago, after our win over Sheffield Wednesday, Savage made some stupid comments about our beloved club. Now I know it’s already been written in these pages about his comments, so I won’t repeat them.

Last Sunday, our very own Connor Southwell did a fantastic job of laying out facts about our club and putting Savage in his place, live on the Radio Five 606 show, with Chris Sutton making sure he heard what Connor had to say.  

File photo dated 12-09-2017 of Chris Sutton. Issue date: Tuesday March 23, 2021.

Former Norwich City striker, and voice of reason, Chris Sutton - Credit: PA

Savage mentioned about us not making a fight of it when we were in the Premier League. This comes from the man who was part of the worst Premier League side when he was with Derby County during the 2007/08 season. That was not his only relegation. He was part of the Leicester side that were relegated in 2002. 

Robbie Savage, Derby County

Robbie Savage, in his Derby County days - Credit: PA

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The lack of knowledge of how our club is run, especially with his links with Sutton, is nothing short of lazy and disrespectful. I would say our board is more ambitious than the vast majority of clubs in the league. 

Our board, over the last 25 years, have steadily grown this club. There have been mistakes along the way, but one thing is for sure, those mistakes have been due to trying to improve us as a club. At least they try not to hide from the mistakes. I can think of many other clubs and owners who would not be the same. 

We have tried to buy our way to success or survive but have had our hands truly burned. Ricky van Wolfswinkel and Steven  Naismith come to mind. 

Next week, it’ll be four years since the arrival of Stuart Webber. Straight away, he had difficult issues to deal with, whilst trying to build a club to eventually be a regular member of the Premier League. From saving us financially to building a fantastic club for now and the future. After we won promotion in 2019, he knew he couldn’t risk it all by spending silly again and, for sure, most supporters wouldn’t want us to. 

They got the fans involved. For example, with the Bond scheme, which was another success. With that we have brilliant facilities that I’m sure are the envy of many clubs and are home to future stars of football at our club.  

We may have been relegated last season but we made sure we would be better equipped, not just for promotion this season but for our next campaign in the Premier League.  

I see Savage is not keen on coming to Carrow Road next season to watch us - he stated he would shut his curtains if we were playing in his garden. Well with all the admirers we had this season, I think I’ll value the likes of Pep Guardiola over Savage.  

Savage was keen enough to come here in 2019, when he had a special event at Delia’s Restaurant, although it seems the ‘Evening with a Robbie Savage’ wasn't packed by any means - it appears Norfolk people are not interested in him. So, maybe if a garden party was being held with Savage as the guest, I’m sure my curtains would be shut as I, like many Norfolk people, would not be interested in him. 

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