Swings, roundabouts and spin

A few years ago Darren Hayes (of Savage Garden fame) released a superb album entitled 'Spin'. One of my favourite tracks on the album was simply entitled 'Insatiable'.

A few years ago Darren Hayes (of Savage Garden fame) released a superb album entitled 'Spin'. One of my favourite tracks on the album was simply entitled 'Insatiable'.

Don't blink at this point thinking you have just bought a copy of NME by mistake! On the contrary… the reason for the mention is not because the man himself has promised me a cut if his sales suddenly rocket, but because, having read one Leicester City fan site's report on our game against the Foxes last weekend, you could be forgiven for thinking that spin beyond political circles is indeed alive and well, and that rival fans' appetites to gloss over the undesirable and paint rosy hues over all translucent surfaces is indeed as insatiable as ever! And there folks is the link, as tenuous as it might be!

Now I wouldn't want to disagree with the report's mention of the warm sunshine in Norwich that fine afternoon, nor the fact that we are blessed with many fine pubs and that away fans often find this a really good trip; however, I have to draw the line at us taking the lead through a goal that had “more than a hint of offside about it”, with the poor official in front of the Jarrold Stand being harangued for a good fifteen minutes after keeping his flag down!

Hints of offside don't come in to the game I'm afraid as they either are or they're not: black or white. Sometimes the officials get it right and sometimes they get it less than right. Yes the Leicester fans might feel aggrieved, but no team ever falls into the 'totally escaping officials' errors' drawer for more than a few minutes at a time, and as Nigel Worthington has often said, these things do seem to even themselves out over the course of an entire season. (As for the harangued official he was last seen buying a ticket for the Red Card Comedy Club so no lasting damage done there I suspect!)

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I will agree with the reporter that their equaliser looked likely at the time it happened, and I liked the description of Williams' shoot being “dug out at full stretch from 25 yards” before flying past Green and into the net. It was certainly up there with the best of the goals we have seen at Carrow Road this season without doubt!

What our Foxy friend doesn't of course say is that before this particular pile driver there was 'more than of a hint of a penalty' about Gary Doherty being floored in the box following a City corner in the first half, plus more than a whiff of collusion when Huckerby was heading for their Barclay End box, ball at his feet, and play was called back for a previous foul when advantage could easily have been given. Swings and roundabouts I think they call it - but it shows, as we all know, that you can spin it as you like depending on the colour of your glasses!

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Of course the main bone of contention with the visitors was the cause of our second goal - the alleged Huckerby attempt at being included in the next British land-based springboard team! I suppose it fell into the 'seen them given but equally seen them not given' grouping, but on this occasion Mr. D'Urso saw fit to do what all good children should never do…point… and the rest is now history, although the 'is it McKenzie or Earnshaw taking it?' debate caused much amusement as one then the other seemed to line up with intent until the former must have won out with something like an 'I'll give you half of my score bonus' argument - either that or 'you can definitely have my last Rolo Rob!'

If it's any consolation to the blue souls present on the day Mr. D'Urso subsequently failed to award a blatant penalty to City later on in the second half when Rob Earnshaw was bundled to the turf when through on goal right in front of my eyes…but then again I could just be saying that…couldn't I?!

And so it's on to Lancashire turf once more, for the second time in two weeks no less! Last time at Burnley rather than gorge on hotpot we were de-feathered, tarred and sent squawking back to Norfolk with completely empty bellies! This time around how good it would be to stick our chances away and feast on any hospitality the Lilywhites would like to offer us. Do that early on and I think we could pick ourselves up three more little points at Preston, and then the insatiable appetite of our own fans for Premiership football once more would see a few calculators come out of pockets to utterances of that king of all spin phrases…'what if…?'. And as of this moment it is still possible - just!

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