The case for TV technology in Premier League games

I think it was quite clear to see that last Sunday’s draw against Wigan was quite frustrating. We got the lead but just couldn’t go on from there and claim the three points. Wigan came with a game plan and it worked, they certainly didn’t play like a team at the bottom of the league.

Two sides who are playing like bottom of the league teams are QPR and Wolves. Anyone who saw the QPR v Bolton game on Saturday will agree that when you’re down at the bottom, you need a bit of luck and that luck wasn’t with QPR, with the “goal” that wasn’t given.

The FA quickly came out and said they were all in favour of goal line technology. Personally I’m in two minds about it. It’s not great for the clubs that have these decisions go against them but how many times in a season are there contentious decisions about whether a ball has crossed the line?

For me, I think it would be better used for incidents in games, for example, diving and players trying to con referees into free kicks and penalties. We’ve seen in cricket and tennis that it doesn’t take long to review a decision. With the amount of TV coverage these days going over and over decisions, referees are coming under more and more scrutiny, so why not help them out a bit and introduce TV replays. It would take, maybe 10-20 seconds to watch a replay, probably a bit less than it takes for the referee to move players away from him when they continue to argue about whether he’s made the right decision or not. It would take away the debates during and after games but it would ensure that correct decisions are being made, more often than not.

So, back to us, we’re currently sitting on 36 points with 10 games to go and 14 points clear of relegation. I still think if we lost every game between now and the end of the season, we’d be safe. I know Paul Lambert won’t think that! It looks like three from five to be relegated and with Blackburn and Bolton both picking up results lately I wouldn’t be surprised if the three that occupy those relegation spots are the three to go down.

• It’s not long now until the Aviva Fan of the Year competition is launched, so get those thinking caps on, as to who you’d like to nominate.