The Cost of Cureton

Tim Allman, Capital Canaries Another week passes and the yellow and green machine is still rolling on, grinding out another victory at Brighton that after three quarters of the game did not seem probable.

Tim Allman, Capital Canaries

Another week passes and the yellow and green machine is still rolling on, grinding out another victory at Brighton that after three quarters of the game did not seem probable. Somehow the team found a way to win in the same way that they did at home to Brentford and away to Walsall, through a combination of good play, luck and a huge dollop of sheer bloody mindedness and will to win.

We host Southampton on Saturday who will no doubt be smarting from their pasting in the south cost “Admin Derby”. I thought the score in Admins was 1-0 to Southampton, not 4-1 to Portsmouth. Maybe one insolvency counts as four Admins in the wacky world of football finance.

A number of fans who travelled down to Southampton for the JPT quarter final, only to see City lose on penalties after having conceding a 95th minute equaliser, will consider this Saturday to be payback time. On the contrary I don't at all and think that Southampton did us a big favour, although it didn't feel like it as Wayne Thomas' penalty won it for the Saints.

I was as gutted as the next supporter to have missed out on a semi final against the MK Thugs and a possible trip to Wembley. But not having to play two extra games, just as Leeds were playing catch up on their fixtures has been a huge bonus to Norwich. Who thinks we would have beaten both Brighton and Brentford after playing the two legs of the JPT semi-final?

Promotion in Box 1, the JPT Trophy in Box 2, and the dealer offers a penalty shoot-out in the play off final. I know what I would take.

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And the highlight of the game no doubt will be the re-appearance of Jon Otsemobor at Carrow Road. I've always thought that there was a Premiership quality player lurking in there somewhere. He had pace to burn, was ok in the air, not a bad passer of the ball and a decent crosser to boot. So why didn't he come good at Norwich? It was all between the ears or in Semmy's case not between the ears. Semmy has also given me the rare chance to use a variant of the word “Somnambulism” in this article.

My advice to the crowd on Saturday is don't boo Semmy as it will more than likely wake him up from his on-field somnambulistic state which increases the small chance that he might have actually have a good game against us.

And finally it's goodbye to Jamie Cureton. We have offloaded him to Grant Holt's old club in some sort of loan deal which must have been very complicated as I still can't work out why Shrewsbury would want to sign a player whose legs have gone and can't score goals as part of a deal for a player who can run and is able to score goals.

I always used to want Jamie to score more than any other player on the pitch, excluding the opposition of course. But the problem was that he didn't and my sentiments to him as an old City favourite have long since gone. I was genuinely pleased for him when he scored those two late goals against Bristol Rovers and Orient as I thought his last season at Norwich might have been a productive one but soon after he was again out of favour. His final match was at Swindon where he played the full ninety minutes but he barely broke sweat. His very last act as a City player was to run across to us in the away end to lap up our congratulations after scoring the winning penalty. I cheered him and now feel a fraud for having done so after his pitiful lack of effort in the game, but the euphoria of winning has often made me do things that I later regret, and this was one of them.

He was given a life-changing contract at Norwich City. If the numbers quoted on message boards are to be believed he cost us around a million pounds in wages and at least half that in an undisclosed transfer fee. That works out at �7,000+ per goal. Ouch.

The cost of his signature, which makes up a significant proportion of the millstone that is our �20 million debt, will be a constant reminder of his three years at Carrow Road. It is the legacy of a ridiculous contract given by a manager who was not up to the job and approved by the board who were equally naive.

Jamie Cureton - gone, but most definitely not forgotten.