The hunt goes on

CHRIS LAKEY Transfer deadline day has come and gone, but Canaries boss Peter Grant will renew his search for new players in a week's time.


Transfer deadline day has come and gone, but Canaries boss Peter Grant will renew his search for new players in a week's time.

Grant has a week's cooling off period before he is allowed to bring in loan players - and is hoping to pick the bones of some of the Premiership clubs who might be looking to trim their squads.

“I think a lot of people hold on to their players hoping to sell them, but the Premiership can only loan to the Championship now, not to another Premier League team,” said Grant.

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“They can't sell, they can't bring anybody in, so if they are left with 25 or 30 players you are thinking hopefully some of their boys are going to be available. There is no doubt I will be back in there next week again looking for more players.”

Scribbled on his shopping list will be the words “cool head” in the mould of Dion Dublin - as he seeks to add to the four permanent signings he has made as he attempts to build his own Norwich City squad.

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The midweek home defeat by Wolves, in which City dominated for long periods but missed a hatful of chances, was clearly still at the forefront of his mind.

“I still feel as if we need people with know-how, understanding what it takes to be calm in situations because I felt the other night in certain situations, because we were having so much of the game people started listening to other things and the things you practise go out of the window,” he said.

“I feel as if I don't need that. If it is a short corner do it properly, don't just feel we had better rush this because everybody else is telling us to rush it.

“The crowd are telling players to shoot and they're shooting - why? Do what is the right thing. We can't play like that, we have got to play the way we practise. Sometimes that is that youthfulness, a desperation at times, the fact that they want to do well and they want to prove it. But they have got to have a cool mind and a calm head and I think that's what we have got to add to the group.

“It is something I am looking to try and do.

“When Dion is not playing there is a big miss in keeping people calm and relaxed. There is still 25 minutes to go and you are going gung ho. We nearly shot ourselves right in the foot with Gary Doherty's pass back to David Marshall. From being in such control we could have been right out of the game.

“There are times and periods when you have got to understand that you have still got to be calm. There are times to throw caution to the wind, but the right time.”

Grant has come through his first transfer window as a manager with a few bumps and bruises, and says he has mixed feelings about the process.

“I am pleased it's over because the ones we tried to buy the posts kept getting moved,” he said. “I agreed to buy then I agreed to loan them and it was nearly the same fee to loan them as it was to buy them so that was disappointing.

“But the transfer window never really shuts for me. I tried to get David Marshall since I came in the door. I knew that couldn't happen until Christmas time, but you are always looking for players, you are always trying to improve.

“The window is not shut - it is shut for seven days as far as I am concerned, a cooling off period, then you get into the loan system again. Summertime you are looking again and through that period leading up to Christmas you are looking to improve it again.

“That's the way it always is so it never really closes, you are always looking to try and get the best players.”

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