Thursday Fives end of season report

Premiership winner: Illuminati.

Premiership winner: Illuminati. - Credit: Archant


Championship winners: The Mutton.

Championship winners: The Mutton. - Credit: Archant

It was a close call but Illuminati managed to steal the winner’s trophy away from FC Copenbadly as they came to a head to head clash on the last game of the season.

Having already lost two games this season to Boogle FC and Los Leones, Illuminati were under pressure to retain their record of never losing a title. They first beat FC Copenbadly 13-5 then went on to their second game of the night beating Dunhill 19-8. FC Copenbadly finished level on points but Illuminati stole the title with a massive 32 goal difference.

Congratulations go out to Illuminati but also a deserved well done goes to Boogle and Los Leones who can hold their heads up high for defeating the league champions proving the division could be open to anyone this season.

• Championship

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Massive congratulations go out to The Mutton FC who were unbeaten all season. They faced runners up Athletico Madras in the last game of the season. Athletico FC put up a good fight but lost by three goals.

The Mutton had an amazing season scoring 141 goals and only conceding 51. Not that they needed the goal difference but if they had they certainly would have won by a clear mile. The question is how will they shape up with promotion into the Premiership.

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• League 1

Crazy Gang were yet another team to finish the season unbeaten to gain maximum points. Although the runners up Norwich School Boys FC gave the league champions a run for their money in an 8-7 nail biter last game.

I’m sure the runners up are seeking revenge as they continue to face each other in the Championship after their well deserved promotions. Not only did Crazy Gang manage maximum points but they also had an impressive 76 goal difference on the runners up. Well done to both teams.

• League 2

With so many of the teams being evenly matched this division was there for the taking. It could have gone to anyone of 3 teams. It was looking like The Waffle Boys were going to steal the title as they beat Epos Now 12-9 in their first game of the night but then couldn’t keep up the pace as they lost by one goal to bottom of the division Lawsons Creek.

This left the title wide open for Fake Madrid as they gained maximum points beating Megashark Athletic 8-4 making them League champions and gaining that all important promotion. Epos Now edged into runners up position finishing just one point ahead of The Waffle Boys.

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