Transfer Deadline Day - Entertainment or Pantomime?

The thought of Jim White, Sky Sports News’ Scottish reporter on the verge of self-combustion was enough to ensure that my other half spent the later stages of Transfer Deadline Day [TDD] in charge of the remote, flicking between SSN and the Everton v Man City game.

I myself was scouring the Pink Un site, Twitter and the BBC Sport website for any inkling of a move in or out of Carrow Road.

Sky Sports News had reporters at most of the major grounds - but not Carrow Road as far as I could tell - and every car in and out of training grounds was looked on as a potential news story - with trumpeting fanfare and graphics to match.

Fortunately I was working throughout the day so managed to miss the “highlight” of the lunchtime news - Djibril Cisse relaxing on a white leather sofa at some QPR outpost.

I made it home from work, rumours abounded on Radio 5 Live and when SSN lit up like a belisha beacon with news of NCFC rejecting a bid from Rangers for Grant Holt, my nerves were starting to fray. I’ll admit I was more concerned about the potential for a big name leaving than I was about any incoming player.

This leads me to wonder if the TDD is really the best way for clubs to do business? The pressure that the media hype produces about the upcoming deadline, including countdown clocks and - quite why - a picture of Big Ben at 10.45pm - to quote Jim White “15 minutes until deadline” - leaves me slightly bewildered and I’m not convinced it does most clubs any good.

Recalling previous TDDs and I think back to Liverpool paying overly inflated money for Andy Carroll - I suspect on the back of never-ending hyping up of the deadline and pressure from fans to spend their sudden windfall from the sale of Fernando Torres.

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Even David McNally was tweeting about possible business in the last hour of the window - we’ll probably never know if this was a real possibility and, in fairness, there was something quite reassuring about his continued insistence via Twitter that the aforementioned Grant Holt was going nowhere.

Come the hour of 11pm and I was rather glad it was all over - and that we escaped unscathed and with the added bonus of a rather useful looking player on our books, albeit after he completes a loan spell at the club he’s just signed from!

However, despite the moaning, I’m sure that once the next TDD comes round, my other half and myself will be utilising every possible method to find out what business NCFC are doing - along with thousands of other fans!!