Under-fire Hingham plan to keep smiling as leaders pay a visit

Hingham plan to keep smiling. After you’ve just beaten hammered 8-0 at home to the team second in the division, the last thing you need to hear is that next week’s opponents are the league leaders … and they’ve just won 15-0.

Hingham Sunday manager Chris Robinson laughed as he said: “That’s football for you but I’m honestly looking forward to it.” Heartsease FC are this week’s visitors to Watton Road, and currently boast the league’s only 100 per cent record. “We always seem to have a good game against them,” said Robinson “and although we lost 5-2 away, three of their goals came in the last 10 minutes.”

Robinson has a much-changed side from last season, mainly relying on youth.

“They are really keen at the moment but I felt it was necessary to bring in a couple of old heads in the shape of Daniel Edwards and Mark Briggs just to steady the ship. Moles Rest played us off the park last week, but I’m sure this week’s performance will be much better.

Heartsease, who joined the league in 2009, have not lost a game in the league since a 2-1 defeat at Freethorpe in November of that year and have recorded 10 straight wins this season.

Run by the father and son combination, Gary and Craig Chandler they are just two wins away from a second successive promotion.

“It’s the same squad apart, from Dan Bruce and Alex Ashmore, that got us the 4B title last year and if we go up I can’t see it changing much again. It has been a good team performance all season and even the goals have been shared around in equal measure.” The game kicks off at Watton Road, Hingham this Sunday at 10.30am.