Virgin London Marathon 2013: The long road ahead

There’s nothing I love more than waking up on a Sunday morning, throwing on some Lycra and hitting the streets of Norwich for a couple of hours. To some this may seem like madness but to me it’s a way to relax, clear my mind and burn off a few Wispa golds.

My love for running started when I was 14. Fifty races, countless cross country miles and 10 years later, I am training for one of the greatest races on earth: the Virgin London marathon.

This incredible opportunity was generously given to me by the wonderful Norwich-based Hamlet Centre Trust who have put their faith in me to run the marathon in their name and raise money for their fantastic cause. The trust helps disabled adults and children at their two centres in Norwich.

But I will not be running alone. More than 35,000 other runners will be taking part, a handful if whom I have managed to speak to as part of my job as a reporter at the EDP and Norwich Evening News. And there is another runner who will be by my side on race day: my mum, the person who inspired me to lace up my trainers ten years ago.

So join me in this journey of highs, lows, ice packs and energy bars. I’m only doing this once...

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