Wake me up when next season starts

WHAT a load of rubbish. History books will show otherwise, but this has been the worst season The Man can remember for a long time.

WHAT a load of rubbish. History books will show otherwise, but this has been the worst season The Man can remember for a long time.

I really can't recall a time when I've been less inclined to go to Carrow Road, while away games have become akin to a visit to the dentist (although the latter is by no means a new trend).

Where did it all go wrong? There have been all manner of theories on this subject.

Take your pick from: the summer signings (dreadful - again), the psychological impact of relegation, the physical style of football in the Championship, Huckerby not being fully fit…zzzzzzzz.

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The truth is The Man is bored to the back teeth with all of it. Just as I am bored with the Worthy Out debate.

He is the Golden Boy in The Stowmarket Two's eyes, he is going nowhere, yet. And I for one am not prepared to let it get in the way of enjoying going to the football anymore.

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From next season I'll be back to supporting the team, rather than sitting there grumbling, as, quite frankly, I'm b******d if I'm going to have that taken away from me any longer.

The Outers may say the only way to force Worthy out is to continue the poisonous atmosphere at the Rud, but as far as I'm concerned it's just not cricket.

Sure, if he loses the first few games people can go after him again, but let's come back in August with a bit of a spring in our step. Who knows? They could surprise us.

Certainly there are reasons for optimism. If Earnie stays fit he will get between 25 to 30 goals.

The Man always thought the guy was a good goal-scorer, and my opinion of him continues to rise. We are lucky to have him, and unlike Ashton we must not waste him.

So too Hucks. I would imagine this is the first time for many years DH has played at this level and not found himself in the promotion shake-up at the end of season.

It's unlikely a fully-fit Huckerby will be out of the top six next year. I think a lot will hinge on what NW brings in this summer.

I know it's easier said than done, but we need some players to come in who have got a real desire to do well, and I'm not talking about the Hooz ilk.

Watching Gallacher in recent games has reinforced this opinion. How refreshing it is to see someone desperate to play for us, busting a gut to win games. That's what we need to return to.

Fans have been demanding we get back - and this means going a long way back - to passing it on the deck.

For The Man, that time can wait. I'd rather get back to XI players who give a monkey's.

Certainly the club is not lacking in motivation. If I was a City player, part of the management/coaching set-up - or even the kit man, I would be hell-bent on proving people wrong next season.

If that spirit isn't there in August we'll have a right to be angry, and heads will have to roll. OTBC.



IN MANY, many ways The Man is a bitter little fellow. As far as I'm concerned, if Norwich are not doing well, I don't want anyone else to.

This of course creates a big problem, as invariably a match between two sides usually involves someone winning.

This week I tried to take a deep breath and enjoy the achievements of others.

First up was newly-promoted West Ham getting to the FA Cup Final. No good I'm afraid, it annoyed me.

West Ham's season just screams “That's what we could have done!” every time I try and concede how well Pardew has done in taking them from the disastrous under-achievement of only reaching two play-off finals in a row.

The fact they've got Ashton up front only makes matters worse. Again, I've tried my best to let go of any ill-feeling towards him, but I can't help feeling his latter disinterest in our cause was a significant factor in our disastrous campaign.

The thought of Ashton prancing around the Millennium Stadium with the FA Cup turns my stomach. It shouldn't really, but it does.

No doubt the TV coverage of the event will too, with endless dialogues about this “great footballing side from the working-class East End” sure to be the order of the day. It's a first, but The Man will actually be supporting Liverpool - if I watch it.

As I said, if we are not performing heroics, I sure as hell don't want anyone else to.

Which brings me on to Arsenal's game on Tuesday.

The Man has previously spoken of his admiration for the way they play, and unlike Man U or Chelsea in Europe, I am not averse to them winning. But when that late penalty was given - my bitter inner self rose to the surface again.

I thought: “I hope he scores. Why the hell should you get all the fun - watching your Henry every week. Have a little taste of my world!”

Of course, it was saved.

It appears this most dire of seasons is even going to rob The Man of the schadenfraude he usually takes refuge in.

Middlesboro' in the UEFA Cup Final! Is everyone winning apart from us? One more season like this and I'm quitting football.*

(*The previous sentence is not true)



REGULAR readers of the Pink 'Un may not be aware Rick Waghorn has left Archant after a considerable number of years' service.

The scribe has taken a fair amount of stick this season for what some supporters see as giving the club an easy ride.

The Man understands fans' frustrations on this score.

But, unlike The Man, Mr Waghorn is not afforded the luxury on anonymity.

Therefore, if he slags December's Manager of the Month off, said manager will be less than inclined to pick up the mobile phone the next time it rings.

Hence - empty back page…and there's not another football team in the area to replace it, unlike Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham etc…

It's a tough balancing act.

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