We are better off than moody Blues

A FEW weeks ago The Man raised the prospect of a dip in season ticket sales. To be fair, I don't think there were many people - inside or outside of the club - that were not expecting a drop.

A FEW weeks ago The Man raised the prospect of a dip in season ticket sales. To be fair, I don't think there were many people - inside or outside of the club - that were not expecting a drop.

Quite simply, this week's revelations we have sold nearly 16,000 tickets for next season are astonishing.

Unbelievable in fact; it's almost as if we are a Big Club, except we are not.

I love the fact we make deluded outfits like Birmingham - with their billion pound boardroom backing - look bad.

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There's no doubt the Brum hierarchy must have enviously looked around the full stands at the Carra on Tuesday and wondered what the hell was going on.

'Little old Norwich, stuck on the a**e of England, down at the bottom of the table, what's this all about?' they will have mused.

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Their own manager even paid tribute to us after the game.

Yet in just a few months, in all likelihood, Birmingham will be awash with Sky money and will be throwing even more dosh at their team; while we'll be scratching around for free transfers.

Football does imitate life; it ain't fair.

But one thing's for sure, I wouldn't swap places with those Brum fans, if you know what I mean.

Maybe those couple of extra years in the Prem sapped their enthusiasm, but if that's where money gets you, I'd rather take the tough route. On Tuesday they looked a miserable - not to mention paltry - bunch. They certainly weren't the chipper chaps who unceremoniously invaded the pitch in Cardiff a few years back…

Football is a long journey, but we can take solace from the fact that when we get there again, we'll have earned it. OTBC.

t ANOTHER week passes, another Scottish player gets linked to the club.

Those who don't trawl the Scottish press may be unaware that the Daily Record now has at least one Norwich story a day.

Such is our Tartan Taliban's influence that Norwich is now big news in Sweaty Land. On Wednesday, the Record said Queen's Park teenager Paul Cairney is being lined up for a week's trial at Norwich towards the end of the season. The Man has said it before - and I'll say it again - the more the merrier. OATN (Och aye the noo!)

t DARREN Huckerby. Legend.

The Man doesn't really need to say much more than that does he?

The fella is fast becoming my favourite Norwich player of all time; nudging ahead of Gunny and Andy Townsend. Blackpool, Barnsley, Birmingham - he has been hitting some corkers recently. Yet when he's done it this season, I can't help but feel a tinge of regret too. Because surely - with his sort of quality - we should be mixing it with the likes of Stoke and Preston in the top eight? I just pray he's got another top notch season left in him, and I suspects he has.



Whenever something bad is shown on the TV, The Man's fearsome grandmother roars: “B***dy Tony Blair!”

House prices, immigration, taxes, energy bills - holes in the pavement - it's all Blair's fault.

To be fair Nan has probably got a point, but The Man has noticed a similar phenomenon now exists at Norwich City.

Something goes wrong: blame Dickson Etuhu.

We lose the ball in midfield: for ****'s sake Dicks; we concede a late goal: damn that Etuhu; no bog roll in the toilets at half time: ****ing Dickson!

The Man is as guilty of this as anyone, and it's true DE's nonchalant style doesn't do him any favours in this respect.

Yet when he does put in a proper shift, just as against Brum, pictured right, he's worth a place in the side.

No doubt about it. He truly is an enigma.



An interesting titbit from Norwich Union's internal staff forum this week…

The prolific out-sourcers responded to angry emails from workers about reports it was going to write off a large chunk of debt owed by Ipswich Town.

A “cash-for-honours” style memo was leaked to The Man revealing the NU retort: “The decision to invest in Ipswich Town Football Club was entirely made by Morley Fund Management, not by Norwich Union.

“Morley manages a range of investments for a variety of clients across a number of asset classes and sectors with varying risk/return profiles.

“This particular investment was one of a series of high-yielding loans, all of which were made on entirely commercial grounds.

“Morley bases its investment decisions on specific investment criteria - not the colour of football jerseys!

“As with any asset type, there are problems when businesses under-perform expectations.

“Morley is currently monitoring the situation to achieve the best possible investment outcome for their clients in this circumstance.”


The Man is highly dubious about the “not by Norwich Union” excuse, as the first thing you see when you visit Morley's website is the NU emblem…it owns the fund!

Whereas the “not the colour of football jerseys!” remark is flippant to say the least.

The simple fact is - however NU might try to spin it - the firm now has a vested interest in Ipswich Town being successful.

The Man hopes that whoever thought loaning the s**m £20m to redevelop their ground was a good idea has long since left the building.

However, reports yesterday in the Ipswich Evening Star that Morley has now refused to re-negotiate the enormous debt go some way to making up for the initial blunder…



Just when poor old Greeno thought things couldn't get any worse…

This week the Football League raised the notion of using penalty shoot outs to decide drawn matches.

Given that RG's mighty Hammers (must use Big Club in this sentence - Ed) will be slumming it for a season with us next year, the very thought of such a practice must bring him out in a cold sweat.

For as we all know, Greeny's got about as much chance of saving a penalty as Leon McKenzie has of being onside.

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