We are Premier League, Norwich City and proud

It was cold, but The Man didn’t feel it. It was a dump, but no one cared. There were tears, and we showed them off.

Given Michael Jackson got a tasteless shrine at Craven Cottage, Lambo, Delia and Michael (and Michael) should get theirs in a corner of Carrow Road.

Lambo’s achievement as our boss is alongside anything that Walker, Macaulay, Saunders, Bond, Brown and Stringer did. Arguably better.

He’s the Martin O’Neill that never stayed. And The Man guesses that makes us the Leicester City we never liked. Only we have style.

As for the Stowmarket Two and Foulger, however anyone felt about them two seasons ago they deserve to be back on a pedestal for what has happened since.

It was very late in the day, but they saw what was wrong. They knew they needed someone with half a clue to steer the ship.

They appointed Mr McGnarly, left the club in safe hands – and still pumped their money in when they could. And when it seemed no one else would.

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The stick for relegation will be topped by what has happened since. They got it right – eventually. And for that, they deserve it as much as all of us.

And the best thing? You trust the likes of Mr McGnarly to treat the old Division One in the way a team with bigger support than Blackpool, West Brom, Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn, Fulham and Birmingham should.

Not little old Norwich, there for a good day out. More watch out.

Our quest to right all wrongs of English football just stepped up a big gear. And we’re still having a laugh.

• The Man has a player of the season proposal. Given the whole idea of singling someone out this season is crazy, let’s send the trophy down I****** way and let them look after it for a bit.

They’ll be missing us giving them a meaning for their season by the time next January comes along – so it could act as a gentle reminder we’re only up the road.

Oh, OK. Russell Martin then – although he almost lost The Man’s vote for those pants.

• He may only have one more season left in him (he thinks) but either way Leon McKenzie plans on hanging around – and with a mic in hand. Not in a Delia Let’s Be ‘Aving You way, but in proper Top of the Pops fashion.

Apparently a few songs are already in the bag, with help from such musical people as ‘Melody’ and ‘Harvey’. The Man has no idea who they are, but good luck to him. And if past form is anything to go by, he’ll bag a brace of hits from his debut.