We know how you feel, Green tells fans

CHRIS WISE Canaries keeper Robert Green insist Norwich players know just how angry fans feel as they see their season lurch from one low point to another.


Canaries keeper Robert Green insist Norwich players know just how angry fans feel as they see their season lurch from one low point to another.

Defeat on home turf against Ipswich on Sunday was hard to swallow and the final whistle was greeted with a chorus of boos which even managed to drown out the elation of the visiting fans.

Nothing hurts more than a defeat to the old enemy, especially for the likes of Green - who made his debut against Ipswich back in April, 1999 and has played in seven derbies all told.

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“I know how much that defeat must have hurt the fans,” said Green.

“Any defeat hurts us, but for most of them Ipswich means more than any other game because there is so much local pride at stake.

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“I could understand how they were feeling afterwards - and if some of them want to have their say after the game then I can understand that too. Everyone has got a right to air their opinions.

“What the supporters saw against Ipswich wasn't good enough and I fully understand their frustrations. We didn't do what we should have done and it was very disappointing.”

“These things happen in football and you have got to accept it. The fans have got big expectations and so have we - and at the moment we are not fulfilling them.”

Defeat simply hammered another nail in the coffin that carries City's promotion hopes - the fact that it was at home to Ipswich just made it that much worse,

“If you look at our league position now it is not great, we know that,” said Green, one of few players to come out of the debacle with his reputation intact.

“At the start of the season people were saying we were a team who should be up their challenging. But we find ourselves languishing in the middle of the table, which is not where we want to be, or expected to be at the start of the season.

“The fans showed their disappointment after the game - and we share their disappointment, rest assured of that.”

The reasons for City's situation are difficult to put a finger on, but they may be able to regain some of the fans' faith with a good performance on Humberside this weekend.

“All we can do as players is try and make sure we get it right in our next game at Hull,” said Green.

“That's a massive one for us now because everyone will be looking for a reaction after the Ipswich match - and we have got to make sure we provide it.

“We know it won't be easy because they are on nice little run at the moment and won away at Luton on Saturday. To go up there and get a result is going to be a big ask after how we played against Ipswich, but we all know what is required.

“We have got to bounce back from the derby defeat and play some football, something we didn't do at the weekend. We go out there and give 100pc in every game and when it doesn't come off it is very disappointing.”

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