Webber would like to help City in search for his successor if 2022 exit does look likely

Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber, centre, alongside joint majority shareholder Michael W

Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber, centre, alongside joint majority shareholder Michael Wynn Jones, left, and head coach Stuart Webber Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

Stuart Webber would like to help choose his successor, if Norwich City want advice from him when he potentially leaves his role as sporting director in 2022.

Webber signed a new contract in September but also revealed he intends to move on to a new challenge when it expires, which was brought up at City's annual general meeting on Thursday.

With a shareholder asking how he could be persuaded to stay Webber said "never say never" but again repeated his desire to work abroad.

Asked after the AGM if he would be involved in succession planning if that scenario does unfold, he explained: "As we stand here today, with how the relationship is, yeah we're working together on that. You never know what happens in two years. I'm sure it won't but it could be a bitter ending and they don't want me anywhere near the place, I hope that's not the case!

"But I'll certainly help if they want it and recommend, and also whoever is fortunate enough to get this job, because it is an amazing job - one of the best jobs in England in this role in my opinion, with unbelievable owners and great supporters etcetera - I'd always be there to help that person if I can.

"It's about finding somebody who is better than me, who can take it on and make it better. It doesn't work if we bring in someone just the same or worse, it's got to be someone that can take it on, because for sure I don't do everything right, I do lots of things wrong and there's better people than me out there.

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"In my opinion this club deserves someone who can make it better in the end."

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The prospect of Carrow Road expansion was also brought up at the AGM and Webber is hopeful that situation will have evolved by the time he does leave.

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"On a personal point of view I think that would mean we've had incredible progress on the pitch if at that point we deem that we need more seats in the stadium - and that would make me immensely proud," he added.

"I would love to come to this ground one day and bring my son and say 'look at this amazing arena now and look how far the club has come' because I genuinely believe you can become a big club if you think like a big club.

"You become a big club by adding supporters eventually, and more seats, and you look at Norfolk as a whole it's (population) is only going to get bigger, it's not going to get smaller, and there's houses popping up here, there and everywhere.

"Which means there are going to be more people in the future, who are going to have kids, who hopefully love football, there's nowhere else to go and watch (top level) football other than us.

"So the club has to constantly be thinking about that and I know Ben is but 100 percent, if the need is that there's a spade in the ground, let's say, by the time I leave then that will mean we must of done great things on the pitch for the club to need to do that.

"So 100 percent that would be an amazing success."

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