Wesley – A man for all Norwich City occasions

It’s probably a good thing the powers that be didn’t require mutterings from The Man the wrong side of Leicester.

Preston wasn’t in the Doomcaster mould, but was depressing enough – if only for seeing our little man decided to pop his brain by the side of the P&O keeper’s goal before pretending he was Messi.

Do it when we’re 4-0 up next time Wessi. Nothing closer.

Seeing Chris Brown trudge onto the pitch was a bit like welcoming the grim reaper into your home.

For the second time, the big lump took a few minutes to do what he looked incapable of for more games down here than The Man cares to remember.

The only thing equally as remarkable is the fact we sold him for the same price we bought him for – forever a piece of brilliant transfer business, that one.

In the end, Wes was just taking one for the team. Making a point. It’s just that no one else realised it at the time.

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The little man saw to it we took the pain early, had to settle for a point against a team that is effectively screwed – and then wait for it all to kick off three days later.

Little Wes doesn’t owe us anything anyway, but he still delivered in the Crisp Bowl. One near post header the likes of Brown could only dream of. One penalty won for someone else to bury.

And at the same time, Cardiff were busy missing their spot kick, Forest were losing despite saving one, and QPR fancied joining in.

There’s something afoot. Maybe what us glorious yellows do is destined to be. It feels like it.

No surprise, given how good Tuesday’s win was.

• The Man has stayed uncharacteristically away from Aaron Wilbrahamovich’s exploits.

The guy was never going to be a goal machine. Just that handy Holty stand in for when we needed to panic and get a customary late goal.

So as far as The Man is concerned, seeing him hit the winner on such a great night could be worth a lot more than �100,000.

• So Rusty can’t get into a squad that hasn’t won this year and will do well not to just be put into League Two next season out of sympathy.

Still, given his luck at moving clubs, it’s another reason to think we’ll be quids in come May.

• Ian Harte, your contribution to I******’s defeat in midweek is duly noted. But we still don’t like you.

A word for the other lot. The Man couldn’t bring himself to cheer as they were thrashed 2-0 (yes, they won) at Cardiff – but you’ve got to love how they’re going about things.

Doing us a favour when they can, and losing when they can’t. Nice.