What's in Grant's charity sack?

Amongst all of the junk mail and the inevitable gas and electricity bills that landed on my doormat this week there was one of those plastic charity sacks.

Amongst all of the junk mail and the inevitable gas and electricity bills that landed on my doormat this week there was one of those plastic charity sacks. You know the sort - bound up with a paper sleeve covered with writing that screams out for donations of clothes, bric-a-brac, CDs, DVDs and the like.

Many a time I have been for a good old rummage and found shoes I haven't worn since… well… the day I bought them - (they don't call me Imelda for nothing!), clothes that no longer fit me, and bits and pieces that stand and gather dust rather than fitting in with my attempted minimalist lifestyle. These and other items have often found their way into various charity sacks and, no doubt, have been used to earn pennies for worthy causes in this country and further a field.

With the Bank Holiday weekend looming though I must admit to finding it harder to drum up the enthusiasm for a big old clear out, especially as the car number plate is rapidly disappearing under a film of dirt, the remains of my lunch-on-the-run a week ago is still on the floor inside the car; meanwhile, inside the house there is evidence of the cat's favourite napping place under the radiator now she is beginning to shed her winter coat ready for the scorching belter some weathermen (and women) are already predicting.

And so with the lads at Hull on Good Friday and the sun shining in an almost clear blue sky I'm afraid my thoughts have turned to outdoor pursuits, with the weeds quaking in the soil and the ladybirds scurrying for the sanctuary of the flower beds instead of their usual hang-out place amongst the grass at the front of my house.

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Needless to say, with no thought of sunscreen or hat on my head, I have returned from my travail rather roasted through being my first exposure to anything much since the back end of last autumn. (More fool me!) The garden looks brilliant though, and the car can now be identified when I race away from the scene of a crime, like buying my next takeaway due to lack of time to cook!

The bad thing is, however, that the charity sack still sits there awaiting my attention, and that it will get prior to my next visit 'home' on Sunday to take in our game against West Brom on Easter Monday, for every such delivery reminds me that there are things I don't need and/or can do without. All of which leads me onto one question: are there 'things' that Peter Grant can do without, and, if so, who or what are they?

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It will surely come as no surprise to most City fans if the manager is already picking up his rather large 'charity sack' and has thrown a few names into it thinking ahead to the start of next season in August.

There has been plenty of speculation as to who will be in there and ready for despatch come May, and I can guide you to a few candidates just by saying who has played when fit and who hasn't played despite being fit - no need to mention names I think.

There may of course be the odd surprise too.

The 'to sell or not to sell' debate regarding Earnie is raging in some quarters for obvious reasons. My own take on this one is that keeping him sends out a statement of intent but only IF the right players are brought in to replace those departing in 'the sack'. If the money just isn't there to bring in the personnel Peter Grant feels he needs then we may as well take the considerable money that should be on the table for the Welsh wizard and then use it to build over the slightly longer term for having him amongst the 'wrong' players will not be of much use anyway. Besides, there is always the newly-contracted Chris Martin and the signs there are more than encouraging!

Right, I must away to my drawers and wardrobe now… and if anyone sees Peter Grant in his car heading for the coast over the weekend please hand him a bin sack to put his discards into. I have a feeling he is going to need one!

Happy Easter to all City fans.

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