Who’d have thought Canaries and Christmas didn’t mix?

There was a time when Norwich City and Christmas didn’t mix. When, no matter how well the season was going, how big the gap at the top, it would always come undone once the turkey came out.

It’s probably down to Lambo that our traditional Christmas freeze barely got a mention last season.

The Man doubts the issue will arise this season either. Because City under Lambo and McGnarly don’t do tradition. Not the bitter ones, anyway. The easy touch, over-paying, travel sickness non-efforts we were good at.

The Man isn’t even worried about talking it up.

Next up? A trip to Hellhurst Park. On Boxing Day. If ever there was a time to give Canary tradition a kick in the knackers – Sunday is it. Maybe a third win on the bounce outside Norfolk is pushing it.

But can we at least avoid giving hurly Burley the satisfaction of doubling us? It’s greedy, but that’s the deal.

• First we make sure Barnett is here for the long haul. Now Lansbury’s going to hang around for a few more weeks.

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Both good moves as far as The Man is concerned. Unlike Leon’s ball-throwing efforts the other week. Fairly stupid and no surprise he’ll have the turkey to himself for a while.

And Lambo’s hit list is with the board – three players to take us up. Judging by his past form, make them happen and we’re quids in.

• Wes is up for a ton of games as a Canary this week. Providing he’s not rested, presumably. Think Wes and The Man thinks back a couple of seasons, when he got injured, and we then got relegated. But he stayed and it all came good, helped take us up and is talented enough to do it again.

The Man finds it difficult to believe there are four midfielders able to keep him out of the Ireland squad.

Maybe for once the Roedent was right. Wes is a City hero. It would just be nice to know he’s staying put beyond that three-year deal he first signed. Tie him down, Lambo.

• Speaking of moves, it’s nearly transfer window time. Apparently Owain TJ is still here. What’s more surprising is he may go somewhere else.

The Man is not a great one for random speculation, but you can’t miss the fact there’s very little of it under Lambo. Usually someone just turns up out of the blue.

Grant Holt off next month? For once, with this board and manager you trust the words “not for sale” are enough.

• Equally unlikely seems super Chrissy Martin playing for Scotland. Craig Levein – the manager who doesn’t believe in strikers any more – admits our boy is “on his radar”.

No offence Craig, but leave him be. He’s got plenty on with us without being shuttled off to Liechtenstein for a game you won’t play him in.