Why do we still insist on being oh so quiet?

There was something dull about Saturday, almost mundane. Boro were shocking. In a sport where the idea is supposed to be scoring a goal, they’ve clearly developed a fear of white frames and nets.

It’s probably easy to beat a rudderless ship when they’re scared of where they are headed...most likely League One. And we had nothing like the brief entertainment levels enjoyed from the Palace fans as they fluked their win last week.

Still, the Boro fans did mock us for the lack of atmosphere on Saturday. Considering it was so dull and they made it so easy, it was hardly surprising we struggled to get excited.

But Carrow Road is becoming that place that waits rather than inspires, and that’s a waste of time. It didn’t do us any good against Palace, and Boro let us get away with it on Saturday. Fair enough, we’ve got the people in the ground. We expect to do well, and we’ve got a manager and a bunch of players that are good enough to do it.

But The Man hates when we all sit politely waiting...25,000 of us. Boro struggle to get 15,000.

There was some sense coming from the visiting fans. Who in their right mind would want Gary Megson anyway?

• Normally The Man would worry about playing against one of our former “goal machines”. Even Owen Goal from a few seasons back. No need. Never has someone looked as disinterested as Leroy Lita.

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That speaks volumes considering how much we relied on him for a few months during his loan spell under the Roedent. However much Boro spent on him, it’ll never be worth it. And The Man is glad it wasn’t us.

• Is Lambo a genius? Well, he mixed it up – and left Boro ready to pick up a diamond midfield that never turned up. But then, Boro were pretty shocking.

Wonder if we’ll see the same midfield against Cardiff and Belluz?

That guy will tear apart this league, and while The Man would quite like to give him a clap in the warm up, him picking up a little strain soon after would be a bonus.

• Mad Roy is at it again. He’s so good at telling others where they are going wrong, maybe the I****** suffers should return the favour.

Old Keano has already made it clear his squad of boys won’t be finishing in the Chumpionship’s top two this year. And not in a ‘take the pressure off the players’ way. Proper ‘we’ve got no chance’ style.

He’s not quite gone the whole hog yet. It’s only QPR and Cardiff he compares them to. Which means he’s about one quote from including us in the list of teams his poor, weak squad can’t live with. Can’t wait for that one.