Why have club let it get to this?

The hardest thing about writing this column is that I have to do it before a game - for a post-match publication. And as we all know, one game can change matters significantly.

The hardest thing about writing this column is that I have to do it before a game - for a post-match publication.

And as we all know, one game can change matters significantly.

This is particularly the case with today's game against Cov. If we won, then it's a huge sigh of relief all round.

If we lost - or drew - it is crisis time.

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Either way, the fact we have got to a situation where we desperately need to beat Coventry at home in February to avoid being sucked into relegation says it all.

Doomcaster asks us all to look forward - but how can we when the mistakes of the past are being made again?

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Yet another transfer window passed, and yet again we failed to get in the troops we required.

The Man said he was happy with the business we did - but only on the proviso it was supplemented by a striker/defender on loan.

As Delia might slur: “Where are you? We need a 12th man 'ere!”

We all saw the makeshift XI Grant was forced to put out at Preston. Not acceptable.

How is it a club like Preston - who had a paltry 11,000 there on Tuesday - can make the top six for two years running while we p*** away £14 million in Sky money and finish nowhere?

If they can run a decent squad why the hell can't we?

The club will say we've been unlucky with injuries - but those injuries are a direct result of having such a pathetic squad in the first place.

Our own manager has said he's had to “flog a dead horse”, while our own captain has described the squad size as “ridiculous.”

But yet again we are still not getting in the extra bodies we need! It is infuriating.

Of the three clubs we came down with we are comfortably the worst - despite having the best crowds.

Oh, and remember Jolly Roger telling us relegated clubs find it difficult to compete for promotion the following year?

Tell that to Sunderland, Birmingham and West Brom.

Whatever the result today, the club must bite the bullet and pay loan fees to get people in.

If no-one is available in the UK, then look abroad, if no-one is available there - then look on the Moon. I don't care, just get them in.

Loan signings are the last refuge of the footballing scoundrel, but we've got to do it.

The club saw fit not too push the boat out for a goal scorer in January - that must mean they thought they could get one on loan.

We are told the manager identifies the players and Doomcaster gets them. So who is to blame? Who knows…

They just have to sort it out.

Even getting close to a second relegation in three years is utterly appalling, and not something many fans will accept.


Imagine this for a Tuesday morning phone call to the office…

The Man: “Hello boss.”

Boss: “Oh, hello The Man.”

The Man: “I'm not coming in to work today because I'm a bit tired.”

Boss: “What? The future of this company is in the balance and you're not coming in because you're tired!”

The Man: “Yes. Might come in on Saturday though. Speak soon, ciao.”

Only in football…

We will never know how Peter the Pointer (PTP) really reacted to being told his depleted squad would be one lighter for Preston because Saf was “tired and a bit tight”.

Certainly, I'm sure fatigue was not a reason PTP himself ever gave for not being able to play.

In fact, I'm pretty sure if someone had come out with that little nugget in the Celtic dressing room they'd have been laughed at.

Still, we live in a modern world now where players miss games with toothache (Thorne); so The Man assumes anything goes.

The way things have gone The Man wouldn't be surprised if one of the players ducked out of a relegation six-pointer “in case it messes his hair up”.

I really do feel for PTP sometimes, as it appears he has inherited what can most politely be termed an 'eclectic' group of players.

These are truly bizarre - and worrying - times. OTBC.


Remember the golden days when we used to watch Match of the Day and seethe as Alan Hansen refused to acknowledge our existence?

All too often the scar-faced jock would overlook the fact we were top of the league and simply talk about Liverpool and Man U instead.

It was a well-known fact - something Hansen used to refer to - that he would get dozens of moaning letters from City fans each week.

But it appears since our days of curt correspondence the stakes have been raised.

This week MOTD presenter Adrian Chiles revealed he had been sent letters containing excretia.

That's right, an enraged viewer has been squatting over an envelope to deliver his own unique verdict on Chiles' opinions.

Hansen got off lightly!


Another trip to Chelsea, another 4-0 defeat.

However, unlike the Stamford Bridge defeats under Worthington, at least this time we ventured outside our own half.

Pleasing too was our support.

The Man had feared there would be a high 'Sit Down!' factor among our hordes but the fans around me seemed decent sorts.

In recent years this club has specialised in clapping its players off after obscene results - 6-0 at Fulham springs to mind - but this time applause was warranted, despite a four-goal reverse.

A special word too for Mr Etuhu, The Man thought he was excellent.

I criticised him a couple of weeks ago, so it's only fair for me to point out when he has a very good game.

If only he could play like he's up against Chelsea every week, eh?

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