Why I’m taking middle ground

Interesting alignments are starting to build in this new era of “pretty football”. The Man noticed that amidst the sublime glory of beating 10-man Barnsley 5-1 certain supporters were ending their chant with the long-lost expression: “Worthy is the king."

Interesting alignments are starting to build in this new era of “pretty football”.

The Man noticed that amidst the sublime glory of beating 10-man Barnsley 5-1 certain supporters were ending their chant with the long-lost expression: “Worthy is the king.”

What must Nigel - in his natty new C&A shirt and tie set - make of this, thought The Man?

Perhaps NW put it down to the true supporters finding their voices at last...whatever is going on, there is some entertaining positioning going on (and I'm not talking about Jurgen Colin).

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Loosely - and The Man is aware it is very early doors - our supporters now seem to be falling into three categories.

First up are the Worthy loyalists*.

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This group is also populated by people who did not voice an opinion last season - but are now taking the opportunity of our upturn in fortune to laugh at those who called for NW's head.

Overall this section of our support is relishing the fact Nigel is now moving things in the right direction, rejoicing at what appears to be a Lazarus-like recovery.

I am not convinced this group had so many members a few months ago, but it appears their membership has miraculously swelled.

The next major faction are the anyone-but-Worthington brigade.

The fundamentalists who at the height of the troubles last season vowed never to back NW again.

This is the group, which given our start, has had to reinvent itself the most.

They claim it's all Hunter's doing. At present this group lies dormant, but two defeats on the spin will soon raise their prominence.

Finally, there is the group which The Man falls into: I am Worthicurious.

We are pleased NW seems to have turned things around, but we can't quite believe it yet.

There are more of us than you would think, occupying the middle ground - but with occasional lurches into extremism after a bad (or good) result.

Hopefully we'll continue the decent run and these divisions will slowly fade, but if the club thinks it is out of the woods it is very much mistaken; the supporters are still split.

* Many fans that fall into this group do not watch us away from home regularly.

Ahead of today's game at Coventry it would be difficult for any supporter who has watched us on the road under Worthington to have a deep faith in the guy's tactical acumen and management. Whereas at home, it is a completely different matter.


Extraordinary news from Chelsea this week.

The West London club alleged that wantaway William Gallas threatened to score an own goal unless he got a move to Arsenal.

It got The Man to thinking about Leon's “heated discussion” with the club on deadline day; in which he made it abundantly clear he did not want to play for us anymore.

I just wonder - theoretically - what threats McKenzie could have made to Worthy?

What about: “Listen here boss, unless I get this move I'll get myself caught offside all the time in protest!”

Or: “If I get a clear chance - I'll miss it!”

Doesn't quite work, does it?


I may be wrong - but The Man does not think he is alone on this one.

There is a team in the Championship I would rather see us beat than Ipswich. No joke.

That team are the next visitors to Carrow Road: Crystal Palace.

The vile diving dwarf may have left for pastures new; but The Man still demands victory in this fixture.

Any City fan that has been to Selhurst Park in the past few years will tell you it's one of the most miserable away trips - I understand the players hate going there too.

Last season was horrific, while memories of the 3-3 before it still bring me out in a cold sweat.

There is nothing worse than a crowing, South London, tracksuit-wearing chav rubbing your nose in it after you've watched your team get it's b**ls ripped off.

And we have not beaten them at home since the title season either…

The Man would like nothing more than to see us turn them over next weekend; it will be a key indicator to our overall chances too.

If any of the players or staff are reading this: please, let's do these lot. OTBC.


The Man is not solely obsessed by football.

On certain rare occasions I broaden my horizons, in this case to politics.

I was more than amused at the leaked memo this week about how Labour spin-doctors want to handle Tony Blair's departure from office.

It contained the sentimental assertion: “He (Blair) needs to go with the crowds wanting more. He should be the star who won't even play that last encore.”

For The Man, it echoed fanciful visions of the Carrow Road hierarchy busily planning a dignified exit for Worthy last season.

I imagined Joe F and Jolly Roger working out how things were going to play out.

One thing's for sure, the way things were going last term there was no chance of Worthy going despite “the crowds wanting more”.

But oh joy, NW appears to be turning things around - perhaps Blair is taking inspiration from nutty Nigel as he grimly clings to his job?

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