Why Stowmarket Two must swing the axe

THE fat lady - my friends - is clearing her throat. She should be singing now, but it appears she has got yet another dose of stage fright.

THE fat lady - my friends - is clearing her throat.

She should be singing now, but it appears she has got yet another dose of stage fright.

As with many fans, last weekend's humiliation at Plymouth, who had failed to win a home game before we turned up, was the final straw.

Just like winless Millwall when we waved the white flag at the New Den last November, the team disgraced the club.

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It was entirely predictable, yet absolutely unacceptable.

The Man will be forever grateful for the good times Nigel Worthington brought to his life - dancing on to the Gresty Road pitch two years ago will live with me forever - but the time has come for change.

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We should not feel guilty about this. Worthy has been given more time to turn things around than any other club would have allowed.

It takes a certain quality of manager to be able to maintain progression at a club, something that eludes the vast majority.

It has become apparent NW has not got that quality, and things have gone painfully stale.

Of course the players - those we have got left - can be blamed, but the buck stops with the manager.

The statement by the Stowmarket Two was a curious beast.

Although The Man welcomed the indication that some sort of action is going to be taken, it was a strange demand to make.

How on earth can six years in charge now be judged on two games? Either he's doing a good job or he isn't…

Quite what grinding out a win against Burnley (knackering an unfit Hux in the process), and then scrapping a draw at Loftus Road will prove, I don't know.

This management and players have had more chances than a Monopoly game, yet Delia was still prepared to throw them another bone…

Although The Man would never do anything as crass as to compare something as important as football, to something as trivial as politics, a couple of lines from Blair's speech this week struck a chord.

Two sound-bites from TB: “Caution is our enemy, courage is our friend” and “The British people will forgive you making a wrong decision, what they won't forgive is not making a decision at all.”

Very apt, I thought.

In a sense Delia and Michael's statement encompasses where the club has gone wrong in recent seasons - a lack of ruthlessness and firm decision-making.

This is shown no more plainly than in our transfer dealings.

Despite enduring persistent calls for his head, Worthy survived last season.

How would most people react to keeping their job by the skin of their teeth? Well, they'd knuckle down and work their b****x off.

What did Nutty Nigel do? He disappeared on holiday to America for a couple of weeks, while Cardiff signed every player going.

Sure, he had his mobile on, but how much can you do on a beach?

Cardiff are now top: we have the smallest first-team squad in the league.

Don't tell me that complacency was not based on the fact Worthy thought he had friends in the boardroom - a soft touch.

But thankfully, that relationship appears to have shifted.

The Stowmarket Two's comments show that they took the Plymouth defeat personally, rather than taking the calls for Worthington's head personally. And so they should - you pump money and effort into a club - and then they perform like that. Not acceptable.

It is quite clear Worthington should have been sacked last weekend, yet despite getting angry the pair could not find it within themselves to commit the final act - it is death by 1,000 cuts.

Instead, we now have a rather bizarre two game Worthy World Series in which most of the fans won't know whether they want us to win or lose, or whether to laugh or cry.

Surely, the next time we get stuffed away from home he will be sacked - and that result will happen - so why not wield the axe now?

The ultimate irony in all of this is that the only person at the club who shows the sort of ruthless streak that a successful boardroom requires is Worthy himself: ask Malky, Iwan, Matt Jackson and Steve Foley.

If a bigger club came in for Worthy would he go? You bet your life he would, and fair enough.

But his loyalty bonus has run out at Carrow Road, it is time for a new broom.

The timing for a change of management could not be worse, the new manager is lumbered with a minute squad, and can't change it.

There is also the issue of how much money a new incumbent will get - because if Worthy refuses to do a deal with the club it is estimated he will walk away with about £600,000-£700,000.

I note that Curbishley has been mentioned to take over, I just can't see us getting him. Of course, we should ask, but it seems unlikely.

However, that debate is for another day - the first task is to remove NW.

It gives me absolutely no pleasure to say that, but the time has come. Six wins from 47 away games is an outrage - an insult to our most loyal section of supporters.

Don't underestimate the seriousness of it, people give up spending weekends with their families and loved ones to support Norwich away, and the performances should be taken as a personal insult by all of us. We are not Crewe, we take thousands of people away from home over the course of a season, and we deserve better.

Worthington can talk about the protests as “being part of the modern game” but it isn't. It's a sign of a failing manager.

Whether we beat Burnley or not, it's time for him to clear his desk.

Prior to last weekend I said I was Worthicurious - but there's only so much you can take. He has to go, and go now. The Stowmarket Two must end the torment - for all concerned. OTBC.

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