Your posts: I’m fed up and I want more from Norwich City

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke admits his side need to be more ruthless. Picture: Paul Chester

Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke admits his side need to be more ruthless. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Canaries supporter Ben Ambrose is fed up of being patronised and wants more from Norwich City in the run-in

Saturday's defeat threw another heavy-weighted bag of mixed emotions straight into my midriff, again. A process I've become familiar with this season.

Another frustrating performance where City could quite easily have taken a point or three if they had taken their chances.

Simple really.

But for me there's something else that Norwich lack, other than that spit of venom in the final third; something deeper.

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Ironically, Sheffield United are the perfect example of whom I'd like Norwich to imitate and their performance this Saturday is the perfect case study to dissect.

I want to start by looking deeper into the antics and that key word 'mentality' of United.

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The players are clearly sent out onto the pitch with intentions to wind up the opposition. Nothing sinister, just with the intention to rattle a few cages.

Winning the mental battle is key to success in any sport, especially football.

The prime example of this is any occasion where a decision goes against United. Players in red and white clutching the ball whilst talking to the referee.

It can be as simple as that. Not allowing the attacker to set up, frustrating them. We are most vulnerable when frustrated, which is something that is visually clear with Norwich City.

Look at Billy Sharp's celebration for the goal. Again, nothing sinister, just a show of character and passion for the badge worn on his chest. Frustrating the fans, and as Norwich City fans we know how quickly a crowd can turn. For the record an NCFC crowd wouldn't but the logic is such a simple one to apply.

Mental battle victories such as the previously stated can be the difference between winning and losing.

United are also proof that you can win the mental battle without fouling the opposition too, averaging the least fouls against in the Premier League this season.

Let's not forget United do all this whilst maintaining a fantastic style of football. Perhaps not stylistically the same as Norwich's, but just as easy on the eye.

So, where do Norwich City come into all of this?

Good question.

I'm one of those fans who appreciates all that the City players give and have given for the club.

However, that doesn't mean I don't want more. Not even more, just some of the effort re-directed into winning this 'mental battle'.

It can be as simple as holding onto the ball after conceding a foul, constantly being in the referee's ear, giving the opposition fans something to shout at.

What's important to stress is that, for me, there is no cost to do it all. There is no need to sacrifice the beautiful football we construct to focus on winning a mental battle. Why not do both?

I cast my mind back to days of Grant Holt. Need I say more? The man was a genius at winning petty fouls, winding up opposition fans. Just ask them lot down the road.

All I'm asking for, dare I ask it, is a little more from Norwich City.

I'm fed up of opposition managers constantly giving it the 'you're good, keep trying'. I'm fed up of being labelled as the 'best bottom of the table side ever'. There's only one thing I see there and that's 'bottom'.

For the record, I am a great admirer of the way the football club is run, the way we try to play, the goals we've scored. But this season, we've been too limp, as is evident by all that we've seen.

For what it's worth, I think we are capable of staying up, or even immediately bouncing back. But I want more.

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