YouTubes-day: Norwich legend, Billy Steele, sings his love for Norwich

Norwich Ctiy Footballer Billy Steele.

Norwich Ctiy Footballer Billy Steele. - Credit: Archant

This week, the video of choice for the Evening News is Norwich City legend Billy Steele who sings his love of Norwich.

Every Tuesday I shall be showcasing a new gem from YouTube’s vast library, but with a Norfolk twist. It could be anything from a group of free-runners, an excerpt from a local play, something which made us laugh out loud, or a brilliant set-piece from Norwich City Football Club, so keep coming back every Tuesday to see what I have found.

Billy Steele, former midfielder for Norwich City in the 1970s, is now coach for the Toronto Lynx Soccer Academy, and brings the youth squad to the UK every spring break to experience British Saturday football.

Billy Steele was with Norwich City for a total of 4 years, from 1973 until 1977, and made a total of 63 appearances, and scored 3 goals for the club.

The song shown above was as a personal thanks to the city of Norwich, for the hospitality he and the youth players received, during the yearly visits.

If you have seen any YouTube videos you think should be featured - weird and wacky, informative or sporty - and are Norfolk focused, please contact me via

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