Talksport have launched another diatribe on Norwich City in the Premier League with pundit Simon Jordan labelling them an “embarrassment to the Premier League”.

The former Crystal Palace owner was discussing Dean Smith’s comments before their game against West Ham when he called on a section of supporters to stop some of the sarcastic chanting against their side in recent games.

Some fans chanted ‘let’s pretend we scored a goal’ during the 3-0 defeat to Crystal Palace and Smith admitted that it wasn’t helping his side in their fight to get out of trouble.

However, Jordan, who insists he has a lot of time for the Canaries, believes supporters have every right to voice their disapproval given how this season has gone so far.

“They’ve been awful,” said Jordan. “They have been a disgrace. They are so poor. I like Norwich and I like Dean Smith but you’re defending the indefensible by saying that the supporters don’t have a right to be vitriolic. They are scandalously bad.”

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Addressing Smith’s concern over the ironic chanting, Jordan added: “Make a performance that makes them (City fans) stop doing it because they are rubbish. I don’t think it’s ideal but you reap what you sow.

“They are embarrassed by it. I’ve got no dog in the fight. I like Norwich, I’m a big fan of Delia’s and I like the ownership of the club. I like the club full stop, but you’ve got to call things for what they are – they are absolutely c**p.

“They’re an embarrassment to the Premier League. They deserve to be relegated and the fans have the right to be vitriolic about it.

“At the end of the day the only thing you can do about it is laugh at it because it’s so embarrassing.

“This is twice they have been in the Premier League and not really had a go. This time they’ve had a go with some money – Stuart Webber gets lauded for being this wonderful director of football. This is a really poor Norwich side. It’s not reflective of what Norwich have been over the years and I do think it’s embarrassing.

“There’s nothing worse than pity and they’ve got pity for themselves now. The only way to get through it is to laugh at themselves.”