Daniel Farke admitted he would have booed his Norwich City players after a 3-1 Premier League defeat to Watford.

Farke delivered a considered response at Colney on Monday to what he labelled the ‘500 or so’ who vented their frustration at the final whistle at the weekend.

The City chief called for backing on the eve of the Hornets’ defeat but his players failed to produce.

Farke, however, is in no doubt a Carrow Road full house will support his squad in Tuesday’s League Cup third round tie against Liverpool.

This was the full transcript of his reaction to the negativity when asked for his response at Colney.

"Our supporters were disappointed after last game, and so was I if I'm honest. Inside I was booing about losing 3-1 to Watford, that we made so many mistakes, that we didn’t show enough steel in the last 10 minutes. I was doing the same, not officially. First of all, I have to say, our supporters are booing at the final whistle.

"Many others were unbelievably disappointed or just went home. If you are disappointed, then you're not clapping your hands or cheering the boys up.

"But if 500 fans, or whatever, are booing that is what you are going to hear. But it is about 2pc of our capacity it is not all our supporters. If you ask me if I understand this? Totally, totally because I wanted to do it myself because I was so unhappy with the goals we conceded and the last 10 minutes after the third goal.

"Do they have to right to do this? Absolutely. Absolutely. They buy the tickets, they pay the money for this. They are allowed to do whatever they want. Everything's okay.

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"Is it fair? I don't know if I'm honest because when I judge our last 26 home games, we were brilliant on Championship level, we won 97 points. That means the 23 home games at that level we were probably top class.

"First home game against Liverpool this season for 65 minutes we played on the same level under difficult circumstances with our pre-season. Against Leicester we got standing ovations for a pretty competitive performance. So Watford, for me, was the first real disappointing home game in the last 26.

"Is it fair to boo? I don’t think so. If you ask does it help? Definitely not. We had many young players on the pitch. Max Aarons and Ozan Kabak, 21. Brandon Williams, 21, Billy Gilmour, 20, Christos Tzolis, 19.

"Does it help in terms of confidence level? I would doubt this. But do I understand? Yes. Are they allowed? Yes. Is it fair? I don’t know. Is it helpful? Definitely not.

"We are always united with our supporters. In the press conference the day before I wanted to fire them up because it is not Liverpool or Leicester, top five sides. When you have a home game after four without a win, against Watford, the danger is it is a must win or an easy win.

"I was sensing perhaps during the week some of the younger players were struggling a bit with their confidence level and I needed to make sure our fans were totally behind us.

"Our supporters were fantastic and from the first until maybe we conceded the third goal it was an unbelievable atmosphere. They cheered, they helped us. They have done their job and if we don’t deliver then I understand they want to get that frustration out.

"I also got the feeling after we conceded the third goal there was a few situations when we were not fully convinced, fully committed in the duels.

"That didn’t look great and creates maybe the feeling from the fans, 'Why don’t you fight and show some steel?' I also got the same feeling. But in my job I don't work as a football manager on the PlayStation, I work with human beings and I know how desperate the likes of Billy, Brandon, Max, Ozan, Christos want to deliver.

"I know perhaps even a bit more about the individual situations of some of my players and I don’t want to talk about this in public but some have difficulties in their private lives at present.

"Of course we can say this is business and they earn lots of money, that shouldn't play a role on the on the pitch.

"But when you are 3-1 down maybe that frustration comes out and a younger player feels sorry for themselves. I don’t like this, I don’t want to see this and they have to learn if they want to play on Premier League level. It doesn’t help when they are booed. But for me this was a special occasion because I tried to fire the fans up.

"We are still united and just because maybe 500 of our great supporters wanted to get this off their chests I understand. Our supporters buy into what we are doing.

"They will never be happy if we lose games, I will never be happy, my players will never be happy. That doesn’t mean we are not united. I'm pretty sure they back us against Liverpool. I can always count on them.

"They have a right to criticise because they are the most important people who matter. We have to accept this and not complain. But if they got that frustration out then the next day will come and we need to be united again."