Farke happy to be fall guy to protect Canaries' squad

Daniel Farke has come through tougher times at Norwich City

Daniel Farke has come through tougher times at Norwich City - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Limited

Daniel Farke has endured tougher times at Norwich City but will take any flak going to protect his players. 

The Canaries’ wretched start to the Premier League season means they head to Brentford on Saturday rock bottom with two points from 10 games. 

Farke’s future is now the subject of intense scrutiny outside the camp, but he ranks his first season at Carrow Road as the real acid test. 

"I accepted a fight that was so hard to win in that first 12 months,” he said. “This club was under unbelievable financial pressure, we had to sell our best players, the expectations were still unbelievably high about fighting for promotion.

"Our squad was too old, too expensive. With all respect we had to get rid of some top players and top characters, some legends, who were no longer at their peak. 

"We didn't have money to bring quality players in, we needed to develop young players but also with a coach who had nothing on his CV; the first overseas coach, not a native speaker, and all in the Championship trying to bring different principles to play a fluent, possession-based football in a league that valued physicality and fighting. 

"That was really the toughest battle.  

“Right now this situation is difficult, but, staying humble, I have much more on my CV. I have also proved a bit my point and so I don’t need to doubt myself too much.” 

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The focus on Farke’s future may have one upside for the City boss. 

“If it means my players are not that much in the spotlight, especially the young players or even sometimes experienced players who have made mistakes, then I'm happy because they can work in a calm, composed manner,” he said. “But still with demands from me. Believe me I was a fighter as a player and I am as a coach. I will never crack.  

“I cannot guarantee the outcome we all want this season, especially after two points from the first 10 games, but I am still in a good mood, full of confidence and fighting spirit that we can achieve this.

"I'd rather have the pressure and that spotlight a bit more on me because I can handle this. You accept it as a coach.

"In the first year I had it, then they wanted to build a statute, then I had it again, then they maybe wanted to build a statute again and now it has come around again.”