From a magician to a clown. Farke on his critics

Daniel Farke knows criticism comes with the job at Norwich City

Daniel Farke knows criticism comes with the job at Norwich City - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke knows he has gone from hero to zero in the eyes of some Norwich City fans, after a wretched Premier League opening capped by a seven goal mauling at Chelsea. 

Rock-bottom City’s lack of goals and wins is a long way from the praise lavished on Farke for landing a second Championship title in record-breaking fashion. 

“When you are praised so much in the good times it can be difficult to keep the feet grounded, and then two weeks later it could be the rotten tomatoes are being thrown,” he said. “It's difficult. It is never easy.

"You have to be careful not to be addicted to the judgments and the view of the outside world, or read too much, and especially not social media, because otherwise you think you are a super hero with some magic skills and then a clown and you have no clue.  

“We are all human beings, not robots. If you want to work in this privileged role, and the Premier League is the best league in the world, there are just 20 jobs as manager. The whole coaching world would like to work in these roles.

"The criticism and spotlight are inevitable. It's never easy to deal with the situation, or the pressure, but that's what you have to do if you want to work in this business. 

"You always have to stay levelled and in this business things can change unbelievably quickly.” 

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Farke admits trying to keep Norwich at the top table of the English game is all-consuming.   

“If you want to work in this job you have to be almost a workaholic,” he said. “If you are not going to work unbelievably hard, and intense, and if you not always thinking about the small details then you will not be good enough to work on this level. You have to invest totally. 

"When you are really privileged to do this job you cannot simply take all the benefits.

"Football is a job we can earn money, lots of money, but with this comes pressure and sometimes it is not easy when you are always in the spotlight and you don't have much private life. 

“Last season we've played the best season in the history of Norwich City football club. We were the champions, and maybe they were close to building a statute, and then you lose some games in the Premier League and you have to answer all these questions.”