PODCAST: Defence improving but how do City get more from their attack?

Milot Rashica of Norwich applauds the traveling support at the end of the Premier League match at Tu

Can Milot Rashica solve Norwich City's attacking frustrations in the coming weeks? - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke will be hoping to find a solution to Norwich City's attacking frustrations after a much improved defensive outing against Burnley on Saturday.

A goalless draw at Turf Moor has lifted spirits and broken a cycle of 16 straight Premier League defeats for the Canaries. Many fans are now hoping this is the watershed moment that Farke's men can build on in their quest for top-flight survival. 

That said, there is a desire to see City contain more of a punch in their attacking efforts and that was part of the discussion as on the latest Pink Un Podcast as our correspondents reviewed the 0-0 draw at Burnley.

Controversial penalty shouts, the intimidation of Turf Moor and the performances of Mathias Normann were also discussed as well as why Milot Rashica and Christos Tzolis find themselves occupying the bench at present. 

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Paddy Davitt: "I have seen the narrative that they've spent £16m on two wingers and they are not getting a game, could that money have been redirected better elsewhere? But anything of that nature in terms of extrapolating what is going on with those two is a little bit of rewriting history, 

"They've been brought in to offer some more punch in the final third but fundamentally, what is the point of putting in Christos Tzolis, Milot Rashica, Adam Idah, Teemu Pukki and Josh Sargent in if they are going to continue to be as porous at the other end?

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"It's not a basketball game. You're playing in the Premier League against some of the best players in the world. We saw it two seasons ago, they started off very well and that expansive, progressive and freedom approach to their play got them results, noticeably Manchester City, but thereafter the wheels came off. 

"There were other elements to that but they were far too naive and too open. Watford beat them 3-1 and capitalised on the lack of defensive organisation and individual mistakes - what chance of staying in the Premier League if you do that regularly?

"It's almost stripping it back and putting foundations in place and then you can put the roof and other floors on if you want to continue with that analogy. Part of that will be about bringing Tzolis and Rashica to the party.

"They brought those players in and spent that money because they rate them and think they can add something to Norwich in terms of the attacking element. The priority at the moment is defensively.

"I think it's incredibly premature to be asking 'why have we spent money on these guys' because there are only so many elements Daniel and his coaches can work on at one time.

"They had to be better defensively. If you're going into a Premier League game needing to score two or three goals, forget it. They don''t have the quality and will go down.  It will be tough whatever way they go, whatever route and whichever players they put in because we all know how big the divide is."

Dave Freezer: "Let's talk about the strikers a bit, I felt that Adam Idah was unfortunate to be brought on in the 90th minute. I didn't think Josh Sargent had a great game. Him and Pukki worked hard and put themselves about but the ball isn't sticking. 

"You haven't got someone in that Grant Holt, traditional centre forward mould who can protect the ball and allow the midfield to get up the pitch and give them options. Sargent is game for the fight, but he isn't making the ball fit. 

Connor Southwell: "There was a moment in that game where the decision for Daniel Farke became about whether Norwich should go and try to win the game or try and make sure they didn't lose it. 

"I think given everything we've discussed around the grim statistics and start to the season, Daniel Farke opted to not lose it. That was probably the correct decision. 

"When you're in games like that and you can't win them, then make sure you don't lose it. I agree with you, I don't think Sargent had his best game but what he offers you is relentless pressing, energy and effort. 

Josh Sargent of Norwich gets a hug from Norwich Head Coach Daniel Farke as he leaves the match durin

How do Norwich City go about getting a goalscoring tune out of Josh Sargent? - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

"I think they are the two at the moment that don't quite feel right yet. Sargent and Pukki don't really look on the same wavelength yet but we did see a glimpse of what that could be against Watford when Sargent was playing off the right. Since then, it's looked quite difficult. 

"They look quite isolated still. That's not necessarily their fault. Pukki had better service at Burnley but was let down by his first touch at times. I don't think that means Idah comes in against Brighton because he didn't do anything to suggest that should be the case in his last outing against Liverpool. 

"It feels like he needs a really good cameo off the bench for that to happen and, in his defence, he does need more minutes for that to happen. What we could see is Rashica coming into that two. He would offer something a bit different from an attacking perspective.

"As much as we've praised Sargent and rightly so, he's not really looked like scoring a goal yet. That is a bit of a concern. It feels like the onus is still on Teemu Pukki to score or Norwich City really struggle. They will have to find a remedy to that."

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