Webber on Farke future and his own contract

Daniel Farke's future at Norwich City is not a priority for sporting director Stuart Webber

Daniel Farke's future at Norwich City is not a priority for sporting director Stuart Webber - Credit: Tony Thrussell

Daniel Farke has not been given any ultimatums to save his job at Norwich City, insists sporting director Stuart Webber. 

The winless Canaries’ prop up the Premier League ahead of Sunday’s Carrow Road test against Leeds United. 

A 7-0 mauling at Chelsea added to the frustration, but to question whether Farke should remain at the helm is ‘incredibly unfair’ for Webber. 

“At times like this it's about supporting not finger pointing or telling someone they have a certain amount of games, or you must get this amount of points in the next few games, because football doesn't work like that,” said Webber.

“We could be absolutely rubbish and beat Leeds on the weekend, we could be brilliant, hit the bar five times and lose 1-0. And what do you do, then?

"That's why we can't get hooked up on that. We can't be setting targets of someone's got a game left or two games left, 10 games left, a season left, two seasons left.

"We are fully committed to Daniel, that's why we gave him a four year contract in the summer.

"The work he's done at this club has been beyond incredible. To be questioning, Daniel, at this point, I think would be incredibly unfair. 

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“Even if you asked Daniel are we happy at the minute of course none of us are.

"It's unacceptable, you know, unacceptable what happened at Chelsea, and it's unacceptable in terms of our points return, none of us want that.

"We're here to stay in the Premier League and to then thrive in the Premier League. You know, we believe we've got everything to be an established Premier League club. 

"But that doesn't come down to one man. You know, we've got 300 staff here, every single one of them has a massive responsibility to step up.

"We have 11 players on the pitch every week. A manager cannot do anything about a player losing his head and getting two yellow cards in nine minutes and getting sent off when you are right under the cosh.

"What do you do about that? 

"So this is a time now where this is not about focusing on one man. This is about focusing on the whole and the collective and it starts with me. 

"We have not been good enough, and we need to sort that out. It is not about an individual at this point.” 

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Webber’s own job status remains a hot topic, with the sporting director out of contract at the end of the season. 

“It should be sorted very soon within the next month, we’ve got an international break in November,” he said. “All I'd say to people at the minute is it's not an issue internally. 

"If it is externally, I can't control that, or we cannot control that. But it is not an issue internally.

"It is actually not important. What is important at the minute is Leeds United on Sunday and us putting on a performance and can win a game of football at this level and bring belief back into to our supporters. 

“That's the only thing which matters at the minute whether I am here or gone is irrelevant, because the only thing which matters is a football club. 

"We have to do everything we can to make sure that this club is as healthy and as successful as it can be.”