'These next two games are huge' - Pundits debate future of City boss

Norwich Head Coach Daniel Farke reacts during the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge

Head coach Daniel Farke is under pressure after Norwich City's heavy loss at Chelsea - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

The hyperbole had been dialled down but there was certainly very little in the way of sympathy as Norwich City’s struggles in the Premier League were placed under the TalkSport microscope for another inspection. 

Some pundits from the radio station have drawn fury from Canaries supporters this season for unfair and inaccurate comments about the club’s top-flight woes. 

City have left themselves wide open to criticism from all angles after a 7-0 defeat away to leaders Chelsea on Saturday though, with the manner of the implosion prompting scathing comments more than the result against top-class opponents currently wearing the European crown. 

The match was discussed on the popular White and Jordan show this morning, with host Jim White and former Crystal Palace owner and chairman Simon Jordan joined by former England, Liverpool and Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy. 

After playing a clip of Daniel Farke’s post-match interview - in which the head coach insisted he was only interested in working to salvage the situation and not thinking about whether he could lose his job - the scrutiny began with a miserable run of Premier League form being highlighted, either side of last season’s Championship title triumph. 

White: “So he’s not worried about his own situation but they’ve only scored twice this season, so surely he should be? 

“Danny, the stats are massively damning: no wins, two draws, 17 defeats – it adds up to two points from a possible 57. 

“I’m sorry, but no pressure? He’s not worried about his own position?” 

Murphy: “Depends how you interpret pressure on your own life, doesn’t it?” 

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White: “Is there anybody that could possibly come in now and turn it around?” 

Murphy: “You could certainly get someone come in and improve them, play a different way that will get them more points, yes. 

“They’re short on confidence, the way they are playing isn’t conducive to winning games at this level, they’re short on quality and they have spent a bit of money, to be fair, fifty-million quid. 

“The big surprise for me is that the first time this happened, I kind of got it. They’re back in the Premier League, they’re taking the riches, they’re trying to do the recruitment in a clever way where they’re not putting the club at risk financially. 

“They always get full stadiums, a well-run club, let’s not take stupid risks. I understood the first one. 

“They bounce back really well, win the league, keep the manager, he stays and there’s a feelgood factor. This time, he should have known from a football perspective how to do it a bit differently.” 

Jordan: “But this time it is a different model and it isn't just this time, it was with Chris Hughton when they went up prior to that, so it’s a Norwich stock in trade (with that 2014 relegation followed by another under Alex Neil in 2016). 

“That doesn’t make them wrong for doing it but they’ve spent £50million this time and when you look at the accension of Brentford, against the champions Norwich, you say to yourself ‘hold on a second’. 

“I understand what he is saying, he is very clever in what he is saying, he’s not under pressure because he hasn’t had as much to spend as everyone else. 

“He’s making that little point, giving himself a little comfort blanket, suggesting that everyone else spends a lot of money – it doesn’t matter. 

“But spending fifty-million quid in the Premier League, going up from the Championship, is a decent amount of money to have spent. 

“It’s 50 per cent of the money you’ll be getting, you’ll have the wages on top so you’re in the territory of absorbing 80 or 90 per cent of the money that you’ll get and spend, yet you’re a mile off. 

“That team is a country mile off. He’s a strange one because he doesn’t speak, or look, or sound like a football manager but he keeps on delivering these decent outcomes for Norwich to get them out of the Championship and into the Premier League. 

“So economically, Delia and Michael will be sitting there saying ‘that will do for us’ but Jamie (O’Hara, a fellow TalkSport pundit) has some resonance in his argument, not about dropping teams down and out of the league in the first place, but about the responsibility for these teams to be able to perform. 

“He’s saying, and Danny will be able to speak to this better than I can, that getting beaten by Chelsea, by Manchester City, by Liverpool, is academic. It’s about beating those around you where you can get points, whether it be Burnley, Crystal Palace. 

“But I’m sorry, if you’re getting spanked 7-0, your confidence isn’t going to be good and how are you going to get yourself together where you’re at a stage where you are capable enough to beat the opposition that you can beat. 

“Danny, can it be switched off and on? And Norwich getting beaten by Chelsea 7-0 doesn’t count?” 

Murphy: “I think as a one-off, sometimes you can have an off day and you come up against real quality. 

“But the point is that they have been poor from day one now.” 

White: “What do you expect them to get over the next period, Danny? Leeds next and Brentford after that?” 

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Murphy: “They need to find a win now, by hook or by crook, even if it means a change of formation or style just to get the players back on board. 

“What they tried to do recently was go from trying to play nice football, to trying to be harder to beat, they went to five at the back.” 

Jordan: “And to be fair, they’ve done it, look at the last results against Brighton and Burnley, they came away with 0-0 draws.” 

Murphy: “Exactly. So for the last two games he’s decided, not so free-flowing, five at the back and hard to beat – kept two clean sheets. 

“Then they go to Chelsea and Chelsea can destroy anybody on the day, so we’ll have to see how the next two games go for them and hold judgement. 

“These next two games are huge for Norwich. If they lose the next two, against teams they should have a chance against - let’s see where they are then before I jump on the bandwagon. 

“Although they’ve been poor, if they win a couple of these games they’ve got coming up... 

“I remember sitting here the day that Roy (Hodgson) got the Palace job and I think, Simon will remember what they had better than me, it was no points or goals wasn’t it (after four games of 2017-18). 

“They’d been written off: they’re awful, can’t defend. Then a good manager goes in. 

“I’m not going to say that Norwich are going to change manager but a tweak and some good results to build confidence, or whatever - but it’s unlikely.” 

White: “Well they need something, by god they need something!” 

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