Spud Thornhill: We're so lucky to have Delia and Michael

Norwich City's Joint Majority Shareholders Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones at Derby

Norwich City's joint majority shareholders Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Last weekend showed what is so beautiful and what is so ugly about the game which for the last 39 years of my life has given me so much joy. 

A game with traditions from a league which has been going since 1888 and has been the most popular sport around the world as well. A sport which has brought so many different types of people together.  

Many football clubs with long histories, especially in this country, have helped their communities in so many ways. Especially our beloved Norwich City. 

I enjoyed the beautiful side of football by experiencing yet another promotion, our sixth this century. Yes, it won’t go down as the most enjoyable season as we have not been able to celebrate the promotion at Carrow Road, but even so it’s been a good performance. 

At the same time, it was great to see on social media how much it meant to us all. The togetherness of us fans and the club yet again showed why we are lucky to support our fine club. Despite the result against Bournemouth I was buzzing and went to bed thinking all things great about our beautiful game.  

Then on Sunday, six of the so-called top clubs in this country plus another six in Europe decided they wanted to make their own new European Super League. It appears the owners went behind the backs of their employees and, most importantly, the fans of their clubs. No respect.  

People who know me will know my feelings towards these certain clubs and owners. They don’t care about the history or the heritage. I really hope there are some repercussions for these clubs and especially for the owners. This can’t be brushed under the carpet.  

And that is why I think we are so lucky to be run by Delia, Michael and Co who, like us, are fans. They know about the history of the club, how important it is to the community and understand us supporters.  

Last Saturday, watching Delia and Michael going over to the fans who were outside the ground after the game was so heart-warming, especially when Delia starting a rendition of the Emi Buendia song. I really can’t imagine Roman Abramovich starting ‘Blue is the Colour’ outside Stamford Bridge or one of Glazers mixing with the Manchester United fans.  

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Whilst Daniel Farke, Stuart Webber and the players will get the plaudits for this season, we must also thank the board for sticking by everybody last summer following our fall out of the Premier League. The simple thing was to make changes, but no. That’s not our - or should I say, their - style.  

Regular communication with each other and understanding on what we are building at this club is why there was no panic. The majority of Norwich fans didn’t want any change either. We could see what was going on.  

At a time with so much negativity in this world, I love everything about my club. I know we are a unique club. Some clubs may mock us, but I really don’t care.  

This recent slating of us as a yo-yo club I find bizarre. How great would it be to have Norwich competing in the top flight every year, although I find the excitement of winning promotion much more enjoyable than some clubs who are just in the Premier League year in year out. An Everton fan I know once told me she was envious of me because of this.  

When we do return to Carrow Road, I know for sure the place will be rocking with togetherness for the true love for our club.  

Thank you, Norwich City.

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